UCLA Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

Throughout American history, the esteemed University of California, Los Angeles has been making strides towards a brighter future, taking every measure necessary to ensure its upstanding values.

Founded in 1881 as a teaching college, this swiftly growing college was soon swept into the fold of the larger University of California system, making it the second of the now ten-school system. 

UCLA may be just a small portion of a larger whole, but they doubtlessly rise to the challenge of making an independent, renowned reputation all their own.

Since its founding, UCLA has nurtured some of the most astonishing minds in the world, boasting twenty-seven Nobel laureates and countless Macarther Fellows. 

Today, they are widely considered one of the nation’s crowning public ivies, celebrating both a world-class education as well as boundless opportunities for students of all backgrounds.

In enrolling within this renowned academic establishment, students have access to far more than just a simple education. They become part of a truly unique learning community, one dedicated to opening their horizons and cultivating a memorable college experience.

Students will relish the opportunity to walk this reputably gorgeous campus, which infamously spans over 400 acres. Designed to provide a “college in a garden” experience, the Westwood Campus is home to hundreds of plant species, all intended to amplify the natural beauty of the California landscape. 

At the base of the Janns steps, students can experience the exact viewpoint of Martin Luther King, Jr. as he gave his famed “Segregation Must Die” speech. As they venture into Powell Library, they can witness the same Romanesque Revival architecture under which Ray Bradbury first wrote his iconic novel Fahrenheit 451. 

Is it any surprise that every year, thousands of hopeful applicants vie for their chance to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to receive an education at UCLA?

In this article, we will address the competitive UCLA out-of-state acceptance rate, as well as cover the best tips for gaining admission.

UCLA Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

UCLA Haines Hall
Beyond My Ken, UCLA Haines Hall, CC BY-SA 4.0

UCLA’s Out-of-State Acceptance Rate is 16%. 

Though this number may seem exceedingly small, that is primarily due to the massive amount of applications this university receives in any given year. 

In 2019, UCLA published detailed data concerning their admissions process, revealing that they had received a shocking 111,322 applications. 

Of those, roughly one-fifth came from American students outside of the state of California, while more than 18,000 came from international students.

Most universities are fairly open in their intentions to accept mostly students from within the state, but the whopping 69,607 applications UCLA received from California residents throw acceptance percentages off slightly. 

Though well over half of the incoming freshmen admitted came from California, only twelve percent of California in-state applicants were accepted. 

When looking for potential applicants, UCLA dives into more than just test scores. They examine students as a whole. 

As one of the most prestigious universities in the nation, UCLA can afford to be highly selective in its admissions process. Always driven by data, this university showcases its drive to give opportunities to only the most deserving prospects worldwide.

Such was the case with two such students, the Thompson twins.

Though statistically, only half of the foster students in the United States graduate high school, the Thomspon twins broke all expectations by pursuing higher education within the welcoming arms of the UCLA campus. After finding success in this space, the twins went on to form Twinspire, a nonprofit dedicated to helping foster children across the nation access similar opportunities.

Recently, Demontae Thompson was awarded the Ford Foundational Predoctoral Scholarship, opening more doors of opportunity to what his research is capable of. 

UCLA produces more than just scholars; it produces students on fire to change the world!

UCLA Out-of-State Tuition 

UCLA’s out-of-state tuition costs a total of $44,830 per academic year.

Though the typical UCLA tuition is only $13,804, out-of-state students are responsible for paying an additional nonresident supplemental tuition fee of just over $31,000. 

In addition, this university advises that students budget around $3,500 for books, transportation, and general needs. 

Understandably, most students coming to this school from out of the state are likely to need affordable  housing opportunities. The cost of room and board on this campus runs around $17,000, while off-campus housing is roughly $1,000 cheaper.

All students enrolled at UCLA are also expected to maintain proper health insurance. Those requiring health insurance through the school should prepare for an additional cost of $2,850 annually.

In total, an out-of-state student attending– and residing at– UCLA can expect to pay roughly $68,474 annually.

Luckily, UCLA offers four different routes to a more affordable college experience: scholarships, grants, loans, and part-time student jobs.

UCLA strives to level the financial playing field among its students, and as part of that mission, they offer a variety of needs-based scholarships in addition to traditional academic scholarships. Through the University Student Aid Programs Fund, students can take advantage of a number of federal and university-level grants.

Though many of these grants are largely focused on benefiting California residents, the Pell Grant and individually selected University Grants are open to students from all backgrounds. Additionally, the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan is open to any four-year student whose family makes less than $80,000 per year. 

As a further sign of their commitment to providing an education to students from every walk of life, UCLA offers a specific grant for young parents hoping to further their education. 

UCLA Requirements and Tips for Out-of-State Students

UCLA Kaplan Hall
Beyond My Ken, UCLA Kaplan Hall, CC BY-SA 4.0

Like many top universities, UCLA no longer holds any minimum standardized testing requirements for admission. 

However, the massive number of applications they receive every year virtually guarantees that this university has the chance to accept the brightest minds possible. 

Though there are no strict minimum score requirements, the UCLA admissions committee expects every incoming freshman to have fully undergone the necessary academic courses to jump into their own rigorous program easily. As such, every student is expected to have completed all basic core classes, as well as a year of college preparatory courses.

UCLA is not simply a school based around the idea of traditional achievement, however, and hopeful out-of-state students can benefit from understanding the thought process that goes behind this university’s student selection.

According to UCLA Chancellor Glen Block, this renowned campus is built on a simple premise: building a community of students who all show curiosity, optimism, drive, compassion, and a desire to improve the lives of those around them.  As such, the admissions committee takes a holistic look at every potential student. 

The UCLA application includes a set of personal insight questions, allowing each student a chance to introduce themselves to the admissions committee in their own true, authentic voice. Each incoming student may select one of eight personal questions.

When answering these questions, it is important that students remain open, truthful, and true to the values of the school. In this instance, it’s best to avoid depending on humor or sarcasm, which often come off as false or less-than-genuine.

In preparing the rest of their application, each hopeful student should consider every aspect of their own personal development: experiences with volunteer work, time management gained by a part-time job, contributions to their previous school, and growth within the arts.

UCLA hopes to welcome a diverse group of students dedicated to pursuing a brighter future, and to do so, they diligently search for applicants from all over the world who are equally dedicated to the same valuable cause.

Is UCLA Right For You?

It is easy to feel intimidated by this university’s rich history and outstanding qualifications, but don’t be swayed from your goals. There is an excellent reason that the University of California, Los Angeles is one of the most sought-after educational institutions in the world!

In a ranking of every university in the United States, UCLA placed twentieth, making them one of the top schools in the entire nation. They also achieved the prized spot of best public school in America, praised for their strong educational skills and reasonable admissions standards.

UCLA makes education easy for any student to access. In undertaking that mission, they have since been placed within the top fifty schools in the nation for social mobility, accepting students from every background and giving them the education they need to jump the social ladder.

The alumni produced by this amazing university are every bit as astonishing as its placement in national college rankings!

Before making fame as the first black baseball player welcomed into the Major Baseball League, Jackie Robinson was a hero on the fields of UCLA. In the world of acting, James Franco and Steve Martin both found their footing on the stunning UCLA campus. 

Randy Newman’s UCLA education certainly played a part in his celebrated songwriting career, as it did for composer James Horner. His work behind the scenes of the film Titanic resulted in a significant Oscar win!

Throughout every sphere of life and entertainment, UCLA has made its influence felt, working to establish itself as one of the most important universities in the nation. 

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