UVA Out-of-State Acceptance Rate & Requirements

Originally founded in 1918 by Thomas Jefferson, The University of Virginia began with the goal of drawing the brightest young minds from all over the country. Today, this world-renowned college has passed surpassed that original intention with flying colors!

Boasting alumni as historic and valuable as Edgar Allen Poe, Tina Fey, and Richard Lowry, this campus is known for its high-quality education and bustling campus life. 

As of 2022, The University of Virginia– commonly known as UVA– has been ranked the #4 public college in the country by the U.S. News and World Report. The nationally recognized medical center sets it apart as a center of learning and advancement.

Money Magazine declared UVA the #3 best value public university, which students attest is no surprise. UVA is proud to remove financial barriers by ensuring students have the financial tools they need to succeed, whether that be through grants, scholarships, work-study, or manageable loans.

Every great university offers opportunities beyond the classroom, and UVA is no different. While enrolled at this historic university, students have a chance to take part in some of the university’s proudest traditions.

During football season, students and fans alike crowd the stands and join together in singing the “Good Old Song,” an anthem nearly as old as the University itself.

One of the newest and most beloved traditions, The Lighting of the Lawn, helps unite the campus every winter as the most stunning light display and musical events of the holiday season. 

Whether students are born-and-bred Virginians or new to town, UVA introduces them to campus life with a hearty “Wahoo Welcome!” 

UVA Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

University of Virginia
Smash the Iron Cage, Varsity Hall and Cobb Hall, University of Virginia, CC BY-SA 4.0

According to recently released reports, the current UVA out-of-state acceptance rate is around 15%. 

Rather than focusing on geographic diversity, UVA takes pride in growing its larger cultural diversity.

Offering some of the most unique learning opportunities around, the University of Virginia accepts the best and brightest. Though over 50,000 applications were processed in 2022, only 9,522 were accepted.

The admissions team strongly believes that the best way to ensure that all students have the greatest chance to learn from one another is through robust cultural and racial diversity. By working with the recruiting through Questbridge, they have taken steps to achieve that goal. 

The University of Virginia offers financial assistance to any student in need, but to increase these odds even further, they are enrolling even more students eligible for Pell grants. 

Like most universities, UVA charges more for students coming from out of state, with an annual rate of $52,843. However, despite this cost, the flood of out-of-state applications proves that students all over the country are still clamoring for a chance to learn at this renowned university! 

With a history as rich as that of the University of Virginia, it is no wonder that so many people across the country fight for a chance to walk the grounds.

University of Virginia GPA

The University of Virginia focuses on more than just grades regarding its acceptance process. As of right now, they currently have no minimum GPA score for the application. 

This being said, the average GPA of all students who are ultimately accepted to UVA is around 4.31. This makes it one of the most academically competitive colleges in the state of Virginia. 

The University of Virginia is highly selective, opening its doors to only the top students who apply. Of all incoming freshmen, 89.6% were ranked in the top ten percent of their class, while over 98% of students fell into the top quarter of their class.

When it comes down to it, however, this college is concerned about more than just grades; they look at character.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed more than just the medical community. It changed the world of education, impacting students’ test scores.

In an understanding move, the University of Virginia recently allowed students to write an essay along with their applications, explaining the ways in which their own lives were personally affected by this earth-shattering event.  

Students who may otherwise have only been viewed as just numbers had the chance to prove themselves even more as they told their stories and had their voices heard.

In the face of so much steep competition – including an overall acceptance rate of 19% – it helps to know that a university cares about more than simply GPA. 

UVA SAT & ACT Requirements

University of Virginia
Public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons

The typical SAT score for an incoming UVA student hovers around 1420

Though there is no minimum score for acceptance, a solid SAT score can set an applicant apart and help give their application the boost they may need to cut through the competition.

The typical incoming score for students who submitted their ACT scores is 32. A score of 34 or above is ideal, setting students apart in the race for acceptance.

Senioritis is a very real sensation. As high school seniors all over the country make that final push across the graduation stage, it can be tempting to think of standardized tests as nothing more than a waste of their already precious time.

It may be difficult, but that last-minute focus can work wonders in improving acceptance rates, leading to even better academic opportunities. 

Students who manage to score a 1510 or above have a 36% higher chance of acceptance, and the chances appear to go down along with every score after that. Students who score lower than 1225 on the SAT are less than 8% likely to be accepted to UVA.

On average, 78% of students submit an SAT score along with their application to UVA, while only 41% submit an ACT score. Though the SAT may be more common, the national ACT can work just as many wonders in showcasing a prospective student’s talents. 

UVA Requirements and Tips for Out-of-State Students

There’s no getting around it: acceptance into the University of Virginia is highly competitive and no easy task.

The best way to join the ranks of this nationally recognized college is to polish up the best possible application. This process takes time, money, and focus.

While still enrolled in high school, students should be sure to take all the required classes, including all general basics, as well as two years of foreign language courses.

The application fee for the University of Virginia is $70, which helps pay for the highly dedicated team that filters through the tens of thousands of applications they receive annually. 

Before beginning the application process, hopeful students should reach out to teachers, counselors, and mentors to receive letters of recommendation. For students with a work history, letters of recommendation from employers show an additional level of work ethic and responsibility. 

Though not required, the UVA application allows space for students to state their academic goals. 

This is an excellent chance for applicants to prove their interest with a robust description of what they hope to achieve over the course of their time on campus, including their chosen major and hopeful career goals.

Once accepted, out-of-state students should waste no time before jumping into the action! 

UVA boasts a massive assortment of extracurriculars guaranteed to help new students feel like locals in no time. 

Students interested in gaming will have no problem fitting in with the Guild of Gaming Cavaliers or the intramural esports team. Those who are more interested in connecting with nature can find like-minded friends within the Outdoor Recreation Program. 

From Tetris to finances, volunteering to religious worship, incoming students are all but guaranteed to find something on campus to stoke their unique interests!

When it comes to finding the right connections, there’s no rush. The statistics show that most students on this campus are in it for the long haul.

UVA boasts a 97% retention rate and 94% graduation rate, among the highest in the nation. Once on these historic grounds, students from all walks of life are sure to find the support they need to thrive.

RECAP: Is UVA Right For You?

The University of Virginia is a historic, nationally-recognized campus that boasts a strong reputation, leading people from all over the country to academic and social success.

For over 200 years, this college has worked hard to elevate its students to the highest ranks. Its alumni include famous actors, journalists, politicians, and doctors alike.

The University takes pride in its progressive approach to education, supporting diversity in the name of bettering the educational chances of all students. 

Once on campus, these students find that there is something for everyone, with clubs and organizations ranging across a variety of interests.

Like any university with such a high reputation, UVA is highly selective, and the application process can be highly competitive. 

Out-of-state students may face particular competition in their race for acceptance, and it’s advised that UVA hopefuls focus on their standardized tests, GPAs, and writing skills to improve their chances.

Initially founded by one of American history’s most famous figures, the University of Virginia has spent two centuries building its medical system, thrilling campus culture, and stellar reputation. 

Overall, this exceptional university is a fantastic choice for any student hoping to make the most of their education and find the support they need to achieve their goals. 

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