College Gazette helps you make informed choices about finding and choosing the best colleges for your future.

Our goal is very different from that of most other college websites. To help you find the right fit school, we tell you the story of a college beyond its basic statistics.

Finding the right school for you is much more than simply matching your GPA and test scores to a college. When you research colleges on College Gazette, you will dive into topics such as:  

  • Specific programs at different schools.
  • Where a college’s alumni are working now.
  • Faculty accomplishment and recognition, so you can decide if their background matches what you are seeking in a professor.
  • How a college program is integrated into its community. This is especially important for students who are looking for experiences beyond the classroom while in college.

Additionally, we talk about schools of all kinds. Our most popular article topics include Ivy League schools, medical schools, performing arts schools, college admissions tips, and more.

We also highlight the lesser-known, high-quality schools in the country that we deem “hidden gems.” (Example: Best Hidden Gem Public Universities).

Schools and Publications Recognize College Gazette

Our articles have been recognized and quoted by established publications and even by schools themselves. 

Some colleges and organizations who have referenced us include the following:

CBS Local

University of Cincinnati 

Berklee College of Music 

Macalester College

Louisiana Tech

Western Michigan University

Kettering University

University of Massachusetts 

Moravian University

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 

West Virginia University

Minnesota State University 

Fresno Pacific University 

The University Guys

Methodology for College Rankings

While not all of our articles are college rankings, many of them are. Think of our rankings as a starting point for your college journey. 

College rankings should not be the end of your college search, but rather, the beginning. Rankings are a springboard into the college search, but only you can decide if a school fits you well.

Here are some of the methods we come up with rankings. 

  • Some rankings on the site are not devised by us, but rather, we quote a ranking from another publication, such as US News. We then expand on these rankings by talking about the schools and programs in depth. (See example: Best Medical Schools in Florida). We consistently credit the publications we quote in these articles in the first few paragraphs.
  • Other rankings are based on a proprietary “average” ranking. Essentially, for these articles, we look at other college ranking publications on the internet, measure where schools rank in those articles, and then come up with an “averaged out” ranking. Here is an example: Best Mechanical Engineering Schools.

How to Get Started on College Gazette

To get started, we encourage you to visit the front page, which acts as a directory for the different categories and sections of College Gazette.

If you are interested in any particular topic that you would like us to write about, we would love to hear from you! You can contact us here to reach out to College Gazette. 

Think of us as your resource for your college journey. Finding your right-fit school starts with College Gazette.