College Gazette, founded in 2019, is a leading resource for information on higher education in the United States.

We believe that researching colleges & staying up to date on best practices for admission does not have to be a complex endeavor.

In fact, it can be incredibly rewarding for the motivated high school student and family.

Our mission is simple – to provide a starting place online for students and families to discover “right-fit” schools.

To this effect, we publish weekly articles showcasing our opinions on the top schools throughout the country, advising on getting accepted into colleges, and news about higher education.

The topics we cover extensively are as follows:


We profile many of the top colleges through articles and other media.

Keep in mind that our choices for top colleges are opinion only; we strongly believe that every student’s journey towards finding their future school is extremely personalized.

Think of our rankings as a starting-point in your journey, rather than as the only definitive list available.


College Gazette’s opinions on getting accepted stem from the viewpoint of a professional college consultant who works with our company.

We believe that every student should feel confident knowing:

A) Best practices for admission

B) How to obtain scholarships

C) How to structure applications

Our articles now and in the future extensively cover this subject.


Schools are constantly evolving institutions, and as such, we provide an outlet of the most exciting news on higher education in the country.

In the future, we plan to implement student reviews as a major part of our media.