Ohio State Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

Ohio State University (OSU) is located in the urban center of Columbus, OH. 

This public university has an undergraduate enrollment of over 46,000 students and is ranked 49th in the country. It is also in the top 20 public universities. 

Students attending Ohio State have endless possibilities in what they can pursue since the school offers over 200 undergraduate majors. 

Some of the most popular majors include accounting, nursing, and marketing.

Although the school is quite large, the student-faculty ratio is 19:1, and a little over a quarter of classes offered have under 20 students.

The campus covers around 1,600 acres, the Ohio Union has been voted one of the best student unions in the country, and the surrounding area of Columbus has so much for students to do when they’re not studying. 

There are countless museums, parks, and restaurants where a Buckeye can never get bored!

Ohio State University is a high-ranking school and draws many first-year students each year—and many transfer students! 

Going away to college only happens once for most people, and if a student feels dissatisfied with their current experience, going through the transfer process is very worth it.

Ohio State University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Ohio State University
East of the Mississippi, Front view of the Old Ohio Union, now known as Hale Hall at Ohio State, CC BY-SA 4.0

The transfer acceptance rate into Ohio State is around 84%

The school doesn’t publicize its transfer rate anywhere on its website, and many sources simply note that it is moderately difficult to get into Ohio State University. 

In the fall of 2021, 2,013 students transferred into OSU. The average number of hours transferred was 41. 

Additionally, students transferring into OSU, even if they’re not a freshman, get to participate in the First Year Experience (FYE), which helps them get acclimated to their new surroundings. 

Application Requirements & GPA for Ohio State Transfer Students

The required GPA for students transferring to Ohio State is 2.5 or better

While the required GPA is fairly low, in the fall of 2021, the average GPA of transfer students sat at about 3.2. 

This shows that while they do not require a high GPA, the average admitted student has a GPA above 2.5.

On their website, OSU notes that when a student is transferring in for a particular major, their grades in past classes relevant to that chosen major are considered for the admissions decision. 

The university also notes that non-academic factors are taken into consideration, such as the ability to be immersed in a diverse campus community, exemplary leadership skills, and their potential to benefit from support services at Ohio State University.

However, these requirements only come into play for a student who has earned more than 30 semester hours at the time of applying to OSU. 

Those transferring in with under 30 credit hours are considered based on a more holistic view of the student’s academic records, including their ACT or SAT scores. 

The application process is relatively standard compared to other public universities. 

Potential transfers must complete the common application, and submit both their high school transcript and any transcripts from any past colleges attended. 

It is also noted that, depending on a chosen major, additional enrollment criteria may exist. They encourage students to look up this criteria before applying. 

Ohio State Transfer Deadline

Ohio State University Fisher College of Business
Ohio State Fisher College of Business – Public domain photo by Robert Chriss via Wikimedia Commons

The deadline to apply to Ohio State as a transfer student is May 15 for those hoping to start in the fall, and November 1 for those aiming to begin in the spring. 

If a student is ambitious and anxious to start at OSU as soon as possible, they can apply by March to start in the summer term.

However, just like everything else in life, anything worth doing is worth doing well. 

Students should make sure to take their time with their application, make sure all the application materials are their best work, and not rush the process.

Ohio State University is an institution that prides itself in teaching its students to be the next generation of leaders, inquisitive innovators, engaged members of the global community, and so much more. 

Like any other institution, they want applicants to apply well and quickly.

What Is the Decision Date for Ohio State Transfer Students

Students who have applied to Ohio State as transfer students will usually hear within a month or two after applying, as admissions is rolling.

It will first be posted in the school’s Application Center, where the student first builds their transfer application. 

Once an offer is extended, the college expects a student to reply and accept within three weeks. If the student does not reply within that window, the offer is closed. 

So it is important to respond to the offer in a timely and professional manner. If a student has questions after acceptance, they can meet with the admissions team either in person or via Zoom.

If a student is not accepted, it is likely because they do not meet OSU’s academic requirements. 

Ohio State encourages students to stay at their current institution, improve their academic record, and apply again if they want to be reconsidered.

Deciding Whether You Should Apply to Ohio State As a Transfer Student

Transferring can seem overwhelming to a student who has just entered higher education. 

Deciding whether or not to transfer is no small choice—but according to nationwide data,  around one-third of college students transfer from the college they initially selected

Students looking to leave their current institution are not alone.

Ohio State University is one of the nation’s top schools and is quite a large one. 

OSU has over 46,000 students, one main campus, five regional campuses, and 41 on-campus halls and dorms. OSU’s campus is also made up of a fairly diverse student body.

As far as academics go, majors such as political science, nursing, and pharmacy have been ranked in the top 20 in the country by the U.S. News & World Report in 2021.

They also have robest offerings for students looking to get involved in social activities as well. They have sports for students to play, both competitively and in divisions and intramurals. 

They have over 1,000 student groups on campus, Greek Life, and service organizations. 

If there is something a student is strongly interested in, there is most likely a club or group at OSU for it. 

Ohio State is a large school with endless opportunities for students, transfer or not. The surrounding area of Columbus affords a ton of opportunities for internships and jobs during and after a student’s time at OSU. 

A recent study showed that OSU’s employment rate for graduates (who graduated between 2010 and 2014) is 78%.

Recap: How To Apply to Ohio State As a Transfer Student

The transfer acceptance rate into Ohio State is around 84%, and any student contemplating a fresh start at a new university would do well to look into becoming an OSU Buckeye!

The required GPA for students transferring to Ohio State is 2.5 or better. The application process is fairly standard and requires transfer applicants to complete the common application and submit their high school transcript and any transcripts from past colleges. 

That being said, depending on a student’s chosen major, additional application criteria may be found here.

The deadline to apply to Ohio State as a transfer student is May 15 for the fall semester, and November 1 for a spring semester start. 

OSU’s transfer admission is rolling, so students usually hear back within a relatively short window.

Once an acceptance offer is extended, the college requires students to reply and accept within three weeks.

Ohio State is a large school with endless opportunities for students, transfer or not.