University of Oregon – Acceptance Rate, GPA, Requirements, and More

The University of Oregon is the number one public university in Oregon and among the best public research universities nationally. 

For such a large university, UO still manages to offer students an intimate learning experience with an average faculty/student ratio of 17:1. 

Having smaller classes is especially impressive considering students will have access to an array of elite faculty, including a Nobel Prize winner, American Cancer Society Fellows, Pulitzer Prize Winners, and Guggenheim Fellows. 

In other words, UO isn’t just home of the PAC 12 Ducks football team – though the university certainly prides itself on its college football and the beautiful Autzen Stadium. 

The UO is a place where excellence and accessibility meet to create a well-balanced academic experience for students from every background. 

This commitment is evident in the university’s mission statement and in services like UO Connections that assist first-generation and ethnically diverse students with transitioning to college life. 

With housing options that allow students to select from a wide range of themed Academic Residential Communities, mentoring programs like the Intercultural Mentoring Program and Advancing Community Ties, and university-wide events like the Common Read, the UO offers not only an education, but a community to its students. 

The list could go on as to the different benefits of attending UO, but in order to appreciate the benefits, students have to start with the facts. 

In this article, we will summarize UO’s acceptance rate, GPA expectations, requirements, and other admissions-related information. 

University of Oregon Acceptance Rate

University of Oregon
Public domain photo by Daderot via Wikimedia Commons

The University of Oregon’s acceptance rate hangs around 83% , odds that should make any prospective student feel confident in the application process. 

Students will need to start the admission process by first deciding when they would like to apply for admission. 

UO has several deadlines depending on what major a student is interested in and when they would like to start attending. 

For Fall admission, students can apply for Early Action by November 1st

Early Action allows for students to find out if they have been accepted by December instead of having to wait till April. 

For the regular Fall admission deadline, students need to have all their financial aid and admissions information in by January 15th

Students who are looking to start in the Winter will need to have all their information in by October 15th, and those looking to attend in Spring will need to have everything in by February 1st

If a student is declaring a specific major, they need to be aware that deadlines may differ for each individual program. Before jumping into the application process students should refer to the department deadline page to make sure they can start when they are hoping to. 

Once a date is selected, students can then start on applying to the UO through one of the following application programs: Common App, Coalition App, or the Oregon App. 

There is no advantage in applying through one over the other besides convenience for those who have already used one of the programs for other college applications. 

Information that needs to be in the application includes evidence of completing 15 college prep courses, completion of a Self-Reported Academic Record, and a 650-word Application Essay. 

Students will also need to pay or waive the $75 Application Fee and have their transcripts sent directly from their school to the university. 

University of Oregon Out of State Acceptance Rate

The out of state acceptance rate for UO is 50% for first-time, first-year freshmen students according to the university’s common data set. 

For students who aren’t sure if they are considered a resident or not, UO provides an information page to help determine residency. 

For students who are considered undocumented, UO follows Oregon’s Tuition Equity Law which allows DACA students to attend the UO at in-state tuition rates. 

For more information about this, students can visit the tuition equity information page.

University of Oregon GPA

University of Oregon Knight Law Center
Visitor7, Knight Law Center (University of Oregon), CC BY-SA 3.0

There is no specific GPA requirement for the UO, but students who have less than a 3.0 will need to go through an alternative admissions process. In addition to sending official transcripts to the university, the UO application process includes completing a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). 

This document is a self-reported transcript and will be used to determine a student’s ability to meet UO’s academic standards and for scholarships. 

Students will need to accurately fill out their academic record into the Common or Coalition App or send it in separately if using the Oregon App. 

Everything recorded on the SRAR needs to accurately reflect what is on a student’s official transcript, which could impact their acceptance status.

University of Oregon SAT & ACT Requirements

Starting 2021, the SAT and ACT will no longer be required for admission to the University of Oregon. 

Students who wish to submit scores are free to do so but will need to have them sent directly from the testing center to the UO or have them recorded on high school transcripts.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips for Oregon

In addition to the deadlines listed above for Early Action, Fall, Winter, and Spring admission, students also can apply for the Clark Honors College. 

The application for the honors college will be submitted at the same time as the general application. The only additional requirement for applying to the honors college is writing an extra 650-word essay on the Clark College Honors prompt.   

As mentioned above, if a student doesn’t meet the basic criteria needed to apply for general admission, they can apply for alternative admissions. 

Students who apply for alternative admissions have a GPA under 3.0, have an educational experience that doesn’t meet the 15 college prep course requirement, or who have received a nonaccredited high school degree. 

Those who meet these criteria have the option to take a series of tests or college prep courses to make up for what they are missing. 

For students who have extra education experience, the UO offers alternate ways to earn credit. Students who have taken exams like AP, IB, or CLEP and those who have military experience can submit their scores and transcripts to UO for possible credit. 

Essays for Oregon 

There is a 650-word essay required in the admissions process. 

This essay aims to give the UO a snapshot of who a student is, their academic goals, and any extraordinary accomplishments or abilities they want to share. 

Students also can add on a supplemental essay on the topic of equity and inclusion. Though not required, this can give the UO more insight into who a student is and why they are a good fit for the UO community. 

Is University of Oregon Right for You?

University of Oregon
Visitor7, Global Scholars Hall, CC BY-SA 3.0

The UO is a university that makes students think about their role in society. 

Whether it is in the way the university honors the Native people whose land the UO sits on or the opening of the new Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, students who attend the university will learn how to be stewards of their education in ways that go beyond themselves. 

Students who find this vision appealing should take the time to look through the UO website to see all the different opportunities available to them. 

Read about the latest research in departments of interest, see what student organizations are available, and find out what it is like to live on campus. 

For those who want to see the campus but can’t make the trip, the UO provides virtual tours. Students can watch youtube videos or even use virtual reality goggles to get the “in-person” experience of walking around the beautiful UO campus.  

A great way to really know a university is to talk directly to its current students. The UO knows this is important and has made it so prospective students can reach out to the university’s student Discord channel to do just this. 

This resource allows students to get the real details of what it is like to be a UO student from those who are already attending. 

It is important for students to also get a good feel for the city that a university is in. Eugene, Oregon is located in the Willamette Valley, with Portland a few hours north, the Oregon coast a little over an hour to the west, and beautiful hikes all around. 

It won’t take long for students to see why even Dolly Parton had to write a song about the city! Eugene is also a very walker and biker-friendly city. 

Students will find that they can walk directly from campus into the downtown Eugene area where they will have access to craft coffee and beer, quaint used bookstores, nightly music venues, and the famous Voodoo Donuts!