Auburn University – Acceptance Rate, GPA, Requirements, and More

Founded in 1856 as the private liberal arts school East Alabama Male College, Auburn University has become one of the best public institutions in the world. As a tier-one research institution, Auburn University is renowned for the research it produces. 

Over its more than 150 years, Auburn has graduated many impressive alumni, including five Rhodes Scholars and five Truman Scholars.

Although the school is famous for its athletic programs, especially its men’s football team, Auburn also has several notable traditions.

One of the unique traditions at Auburn is “Hey Day.” On Hey Day, students simply say “hey” to one another. The tradition has its roots in the mid-1950s but has grown to become a major event on campus. 

In its modern iteration, students celebrate Hey Day by wearing name tags and greeting everyone they meet with a “hey” to show their school spirit.

Another key tradition from Auburn is its famed chant, “War Eagle!” Several legends account for the origin of the chant, often used at athletic events. 

Some of these legends involve a civil war veteran who brought his pet eagle to a game or pep rally in which the players prepared for a war of a match.

With a combination of academic excellence and vibrant social traditions, Auburn is a top-notch state school.

Auburn University Acceptance Rate

Auburn University
Public domain photo by Carol M. Highsmith Via Wikimedia Commons

As one of the top schools in the state of Alabama, Auburn University gets thousands of applications each year. 

In fact, the school received a record number of applications for the Fall 2022 semester, with more than 40,000 hopefuls taking their shot.

Most of them should feel pretty optimistic. In 2021, Auburn University had an acceptance rate of 85%. According to that rate, only 6,000 of the 40,000 applicants will be rejected. The other 34,000 will be able to study at Auburn.

While there are certainly some people who value exclusivity in a college, this high acceptance rate is good news, for a few different reasons. 

Obviously, it’s good news because most people who want to study at Auburn will get the opportunity to do so. But it’s also good because more accepted applicants make for a more diverse student body, which gives everyone a more enriching educational experience.

Furthermore, Auburn’s acceptance rate is in line with other comparable schools. The flagship school in the state, the University of Alabama has an acceptance rate of 80.4%, while Alabama’s number one private school Samford University has an 84% acceptance rate.

As these numbers show, Auburn University is an excellent choice for Alabama students looking for a great college experience.

Auburn University Out of State Acceptance Rate

Auburn University does not make its out-of-state acceptance rate numbers public. However, we do know that approximately 39% of the students at Auburn come from outside of Alabama.

With that in mind, it’s clear that Auburn values students from around the country and the world. Auburn actively recruits learners from beyond the state’s borders to build a diverse student body and provide an enriching experience for everyone.

Like most schools, Auburn charges more in tuition for students from outside of Alabama than they do residents. However, at only $ 15,993 per semester, the out-of-state rate is extremely reasonable.

Furthermore, Auburn offers a range of services to help out-of-state students become acclimated to their new homes. 

The school’s First-Year Experience program takes care to make sure that out-of-state students and their families stay informed. With a host of other resources available, out-of-state students remain supported and welcomed on campus.

Even without details about the specific percentage of out-of-state students accepted by Auburn, the support offered by the school indicates that students from outside of Alabama are always welcome.

Auburn University GPA

Auburn University Samford Hall
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At Auburn University, there is no minimum GPA requirement. However, the school does expect top-level work from its students.

On average, students who get accepted to Auburn have a 4.04 GPA. To earn that type of grade, one must earn primarily A’s and B’s. 

Furthermore, these grades should be from not just your standard classes, but also in AP and IB classes. The more challenging the class, the better your high grades will look on your application.

More importantly, applicants should work to get substantial grades in the classes related to their major. 

Those who want to study literature at Auburn should take AP English courses and work to earn an A in those classes. Future chemists should take the best science and statistics classes available and secure A grades as much as possible.

Those expectations are significant for students coming from outside of Alabama. On average, out-of-state students at Auburn have an average GPA of 4.28

To earn that grade, out-of-state students have to do well in AP and IB classes.

While these are unquestionably high expectations, grades aren’t the only thing that matter to Auburn. 

As you’ll see throughout the rest of this article, there are other qualities that they consider in their admission decisions. These other factors can sometimes make up for lower grades.

Auburn University SAT & ACT Requirements

To high school juniors and seniors, standardized tests might seem like an ordinary annoyance, just one of those things that you have to do to get through the school year. 

However, the SAT and ACT serve an essential role in assessing a high school student’s aptitude.

In most cases, Auburn requires applicants to submit their grades on the SAT or the ACT.

The middle 50% of Auburn students earn between 25 and 31 on the ACT. While some students who score less than a 25 on the ACT do get accepted into the school, one will have a much better chance with a higher score.

In place of the ACT, students can submit their SAT scores in their applications to Auburn. The middle 50% of students earn between 1170-1300 on the SAT. As with the ACT, students can be accepted with a lower number, but their chances increase with a higher score.

For many students, the ACT and SAT are not necessarily required. 

Currently, Auburn uses a test-optional policy for students who have a GPA of 3.6 or higher. According to this option, students need not submit their standardized test scores as part of their application.

However, even those who qualify for a test-optional application might consider submitting their scores. A high ACT or SAT score will only strengthen an application, giving the student a higher chance of being accepted to Auburn.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips for Auburn

Auburn University
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Auburn University has a reasonably straightforward application process. Anyone who has academic transcripts from their high school degree can apply by filling out an application and paying the $50 fee.

However, a bare-bones application like this is unlikely to make an impression. For the best chance of getting accepted, applicants should consider including some of the optional materials.

Those optional materials include not only the aforementioned ACT and SAT scores, but also letters of recommendation.

A letter of recommendation is a document written by someone who knows you well and can speak to your abilities as a student. 

When applying as an undergraduate, these letters can be written by personal references (family friend, religious leader) or an employer, but at least one should come from a teacher.

Whoever you choose, your letter writers should be not only those who can present you in the best light but also those who admissions counselors respect.

Because they need to be written by someone else, letters of recommendation require some more planning than other application materials. Choose your recommenders at least six months before the application is due for the best chances of a strong letter.

At Auburn University, all materials must be submitted by February 1st of each year.

Essays for Auburn

As part of the application process, Auburn requires potential students to write four essays. Each essay must be at least 100 words long, and they should indicate your qualities as a student. 

The university provides students with paragraph-long prompts, including questions to help students focus their responses.

For the 2021-2022 semester, Auburn’s application essay prompts focused on their core values of leadership, community, justice, and passion. 

Because the essays reveal qualities about the applicant, there is no one set of correct answers to each prompt. Instead, the prompts should reveal the writer’s perspective and interests.

That said, there are definitely some techniques a student can use to improve their chances. A strong essay must be a detailed essay, with concrete examples to help your reader better understand your point. 

Avoid generic, empty phrases such as “In today’s world” and use specific details, such as “When I was an 8-year-old in 2012…”

Likewise, you must be prudent with your word choices. These essays only give you 100 words to stand out, so every word must count. If you can say something with one word instead of two, always go with the more direct choice.

With strong details and clear writing, you’ll have a better chance to stand out in your essays.

Is Auburn University Right for You?

Auburn University is a first-rate public institution that prides itself on its diverse student body. 

The school strives to not only bring in the best students from its home state of Alabama but also dedicated learners from around the world. 

This commitment makes Auburn a lively campus, full of exciting people to meet and compelling ideas to exchange.

Auburn uses a fairly basic application system in its pursuit of a wide variety of students. While this approach increases access, it can be challenging for applicants to stand out. For that reason, Auburn hopefuls should focus on getting good grades, securing solid letters of recommendation, and writing compelling essays.

But Auburn isn’t all about learning. The school fosters a vibrant social life, full of opportunities for students to get to know one another and to have fun.

With a history of academic success and colorful traditions, Auburn University is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to exercise their minds and bodies.