10 Engineering Schools Just As Good As the Ivies

2. Louisiana Tech (Ruston, LA)

AllisonFoley, Tech Pointe Louisiana Tech, CC BY-SA 3.0

Like cybersecurity, nanotechnology has recently moved from science fiction to reality.  It is now revolutionizing everything from clean energy and medical implants to the auto industry and hair dye.

Louisiana Tech is a leader in that field: in 2007 they became the first institution in the world to award an undergraduate degree in nanosystems engineering.

Louisiana Tech alumni with nanotechnology degrees make an average salary of $90,000.

Louisiana Tech isn’t just for aficionados of the tiny, however.

They also offer a solid education in more traditional fields such as mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering.

Students show off their skills by competing against 14 other schools in the annual Deep South Regional Conference of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Louisiana Tech’s teams regularly bring home awards for the concrete canoe and steel bridge competitions.

The conference isn’t just fun and games: every win demonstrates that Louisiana Tech teaches practical skills of design, time management, and project leadership.

1. Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, FL)

In 1957, the Soviet Union shocked the world by launching Sputnik, the first artificial satellite.

In 1958, President Eisenhower responded by creating NASA.

In that same year, Florida Institute of Technology was founded to prepare students for the new Space Age.

Subsequently, several Florida Tech alumni went on to careers as NASA astronauts, scientists, or administrators.

To give just one example, Felix Soto Toro was born in the poor neighborhood of El Barrio Amelia in Puerto Rico.

He worked his way to Florida Tech, earned an undergraduate degree, and immediately began working for NASA upon graduation.

At that time, large payloads were loaded into launch vehicles using a crane, but high precision was needed to prevent potentially disastrous collisions.

Technicians holding meter sticks would measure the position of the payload by hand, and shout instructions to the crane operator.

Later, Soto Toro developed the Advanced Payload Transfer Measurement System, which automatically measures the relative positions of the payload and its supports, making loading safer, faster, and cheaper.

Today, Florida Institute of Technology stands among the most impressive schools in the country with a major focus on science, technology, and engineering.


These are our picks for 10 amazing engineering schools just as good as the Ivy League.

In fact, some of these schools have even better ROI than the Ivy’s themselves have.

This list is based on the editorial opinion of College Gazette, Inc.

What other amazing schools for engineering do you know about? Let us know in the comments.

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