Discover the 10 Best Engineering Schools in Florida

Engineering – the application of science and math to solving real-world problems – is one of the most popular, rigorous, and potentially lucrative college majors today. Engineers build, tinker, design, invent, re-think, develop, test, and modify countless fixtures of our daily lives. An education in engineering prepares students to apply mathematical and scientific principles to nearly every problem under the sun. 

Speaking of sun, the state of Florida is home to some incredible engineering programs for undergrads. Where better to study engineering than the Sunshine State, a powerhouse in the fields of engineering (especially aerospace) and technology? 

The possibilities for engineering in Florida schools are nearly endless, and the job market is exceptionally favorable; engineers consistently rank among the highest-paid college graduates and are expected to remain in high demand in the years to come. 

So, how do Florida’s engineering schools stack up? What are the top engineering schools in Florida? Before we dive in, here’s a quick note about the rankings: they’re based on each school’s appearance in the US News National Engineering Schools Ranking. In the US News rankings, #4 and #5 are tied, and so are #8 and #9. Because only 9 Florida schools are listed in the US News list, the College Gazette editorial team has awarded a tenth place ranking.

Ready, set, let’s tinker. 

10. University of North Florida School of Engineering (Jacksonville, FL)

University of North Florida School of Engineering
The222, UNF Engineering, CC BY-SA 3.0

UNF’s School of Engineering is housed within the College of Computing, Engineering & Construction. The School offers Bachelor of Science degrees in a variety of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering, among others. 

In addition to hands-on research opportunities and K-12 outreach efforts, UNF engineering students benefit from a robust Career Development Center that features resume and interview help, networking events and mixers, and an annual Employer Showcase, Internship & Career Fair. 

Students can also elect to participate in a number of engineering-related clubs and extracurriculars, ranging from the Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society to the Florida Engineering Society to Osprey Robotics. 

The unique UNF Taylor Engineering Research Institute specializing in coastal cngineering makes ample use of the state’s expansive coastlines, promoting scholarship that is powerfully relevant to Florida. 

9. Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, FL)

Florida Institute of Technology
Jamesontai, FIT Clemente-1, CC BY 3.0

Florida Tech’s College of Engineering and Science (COES) is the University’s largest and most research-oriented branch, and is the reason Florida Tech is dubbed “Florida’s STEM University.” COES consists of nearly every major engineering department available at a top-tier engineering university

COES offers dozens of potential specializations within these departments – everything from traditional fields like civil engineering and software engineering to more niche areas like earth remote sensing, biological oceanography, information assurance, cybersecurity, and conservation technology. 

Recently named a “Green College” by the Princeton Review, Florida Tech offers engineering students research opportunities in sites like the Indian River Lagoon, a stone’s throw from campus. Additionally, Florida Tech boasts a new 61,000 square-foot Health Sciences Research Center, providing students state-of-the-art resources, classrooms, and labs for STEM students. 

8. Florida Atlantic University College of Engineering (Boca Raton, FL)

Florida Atlantic University
Kmgcoolguy4, FAU Engineering East 01, CC BY-SA 3.0

FAU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science cultivates students’ “unbridled ambition” and supports diverse research objectives. Of the many projects FAU has sponsored, recent ones include intrauterine malaria treatments for babies and a groundbreaking bioengineered robotic hand. FAU seeks to direct the power of engineering toward solving real-world problems. 

One exciting program at FAU is in Ocean Engineering! In fact, when founded in 1965, the Ocean Engineering program was the first of its kind in the country; to this day, it remains on the cutting edge of the field. 

Supporting the ocean engineering program are two key research centers at the university, the Center of Excellence in Biomedical and Marine Biotechnology and the Center for Ocean Energy Technology, both of which enhance FAU’s long record of strong scholarship, innovation, and training in these domains. In fact, the US Department of Energy named FAU one of only three national centers for ocean energy research and development!

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