How to Choose the Best School For Your Future – 10 Tips

2. Create a Finalized List of Schools

After you have visited schools, talked to people at different schools, asked seniors for their opinion, had alumni interviews, and read the definitive guide to colleges, it’s time to create a finalized list of schools for yourself.

Most students’ final list is somewhere between 6 – 10 colleges. Some students apply to fewer, and a few apply to even more.

Some majors are incredibly competitive and thus students may apply to dozens of colleges at once. An example is musical theatre performance.

Once you have thoroughly researched and visited schools, you are now fully capable of finalizing your own list of schools.

This will be your list of schools to apply to.

1. Do a Second Visit to Any Schools You Have Been Accepted to and Are Considering

Daniel Edwins a.k.a. Webmoof, StOlaf College Campus, CC BY-SA 2.5

Finally, you have been accepted to a number of schools on your finalized list.

If you are still uncertain, go for one more visit to the schools.

See if you can hang out with students, talk with people at the school, and really immerse yourself into the culture.

In fact, many admissions offices allow this for students interested in attending. Ask an admissions office if they will let you be a student for a day, sit in on classes, and more.


Finding the best school for your future is hard work. However, it can pay off in dividends for your future.

Have you gone through the college admissions process? What have you found to have been most helpful for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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