How to Choose the Best School For Your Future – 10 Tips

8. Make a Preliminary List of Schools & Visit

Now that you’ve identified the kind of school you would like, and you have an idea of what the grades it takes to get accepted at different schools, it’s time to make a preliminary list.

The preliminary list is ideally a list of schools you want to go visit.

By visiting schools, you are accomplishing two major things.

One is demonstrated interest. By simply touring a school, an institution takes note of your demonstrated interest in the school, which can have a substantial impact on your admission status.

The second, and more important, is knowledge.

By visiting schools, you are acquiring substantial knowledge and personal leverage in your own decision-making process.

7. Don’t Simply Tour a School

Resident4216, Triton College Campus Mounds, CC BY-SA 4.0

Sure, visiting a school and touring on its own is hugely beneficial.

But, it’s hardly the only thing you should do.

We recommend sitting down with admissions and even faculty in your area of interest if you can.

Say you are interested in music. Having a lesson with a professor in your instrument can be tremendously helpful.

Say you are interested in engineering. Sitting in on a live class can be powerful.

People are the lifeblood of a school, and making sure you meet people on your tour is tremendously beneficial.

6. Talk to Students As Well

It can be tremendously beneficial to also talk to students at the school that you are interested in.

Students LOVE to talk about what they like about their school – this can be an interesting way to find out more about the school you are interested in attending.

How can you strike up a conversation with a student?

One way is to sit in and get a meal at a school’s cafeteria. Groups of students all sit at one table at a time.

This can be an interesting way to strike up conversation since lunch hours are naturally gregarious opportunities.

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