What is Georgetown Known For? Is Georgetown a Good School?

Located above the Potomac and home to the National Historic Landmark Healy Hall, Georgetown University is among the many historic gems that call Washington D.C. home. 

As a university that came of age alongside the nation, Georgetown has been a fixture of DC  for over 200 years. 

Started as a Catholic institution by a Jesuit priest, the university has long been associated with values of service and diplomacy at home and abroad. 

Georgetown’s dedication to these values has made the university known for its contribution to the local DC community, particularly to government leadership. 

Included among its many distinctions is the fun fact that it is one of the top producers of US Diplomats and is the alma mater of two former U.S. Presidents.

The commitment to excellence at Georgetown has further resulted in it being home to Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, Truman Scholars, and Fulbright Scholars, each being a symbol of Georgetown’s commitment to service and academic excellence. 

Students who attend Georgetown can trust that their education will prepare them to be global citizens who have the credentials and experience to succeed in the career world.

What Majors & Academics Are Georgetown Known For?

Georgetown University Building
Public domain photo by Daderot via Wikimedia Commons

It will come as no surprise that some of Georgetown’s academic specialties include public policy and foreign relations, especially considering the university is located in the nation’s capital and has a campus located in Qatar. 

Students who are seeking a career in any kind of public office, service, or international role will find they have access to some of the best resources available globally.

In the foreign services program, students will get an education that is informed by both university’s foundational Jesuit values, modern-day research, and scholars who are global leaders. 

Though students will no longer be able to learn from the late, great Madeleine Albright, they will learn from renowned scholars like Donald G. Herzberg Professor of International Migration, Katherine M. Donato whose research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and Russell Sage Foundation. 

This excellence isn’t limited to the US, as students who are looking to study at the university’s Qatar campus will discover. 

Attending the Qatar campus provides a unique opportunity to receive an education that will prepare students to be “global citizens.” Initiatives of the university include research projects like the Global Histories and Practices of Islamophobia, energy and conservation research, and even the impact of the FIFA World Cup.

Regardless of location or interest, be it medicine, business, politics, or social work, Georgetown offers all students the opportunity to become researchers. 

With programs like Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (GUROP), students will have the opportunity to be part of ongoing research projects being pursued by university faculty. 

This opportunity allows students to build their research skills and to develop their original research so that they can continue into graduate school. 

Is Georgetown a Good School?

Ranked number 23 in National Universities by US World and News Report, Georgetown has a long history of excellence that reaches back to 1792! 

Known for producing individuals who go on to be leaders in congress, diplomats, and even Supreme Court Justices, the university takes its established commitment to service, civic duty, and global involvement seriously. 

The admission rate at Georgetown is 17%, making it selective but accessible to students who are diligent about submitting strong applications. 

Because of programs like the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, students who study at Georgetown are equipped with valuable (and CV-friendly) research experience that makes them some of the most competitive candidates when they go on to pursue graduate work.

 The university’s Jesuit tradition of service also provides students with invaluable real life experience. 

Students can choose from over 100 volunteer and service projects in the DC area to be involved with.

Some of these projects have included free tax-filing services, legal support, offering educational assistance to underserved students and residents, and more.  

With this tradition of service matched with a culture of academic excellence, Georgetown isn’t just a good school academically but holistically as well. 

As a school that believes academics have to be paired with ethics, the education students get at Georgetown teaches students “how to think but not what to think.”

Georgetown Traditions

Georgetown is the oldest Catholic university in the US and continues to bring its Jesuit tradition to its vision for education that is service-centered. 

That said, students who attend Georgetown by no means have to be Catholic or Jesuit; in fact, the university has a rich spiritual community that encompasses Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Dharmic, and Orthodox traditions. 

The university’s spiritual tradition is an essential fixture in campus life. 

Students will see this evidenced in the Georgetown campus culture through the many efforts to meet all students’ needs to explore spiritual practices from different perspectives. 

Students can practice daily contemplation practices from different faith traditions, going on faith-specific retreats, and visiting the university’s retreat center, The Calcagnini Contemplative Center. 

Bringing things back to earth, Georgetown students have the unique experience of being in one of the most exciting cities in the US. 

With close access to Capital Hill, the Smithsonian, The Library of Congress, and many iconic landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and MLK Jr. Memorial, students have unlimited options for exploring outside the campus grounds. 

Prominent Clubs & Extracurricular Activities at Georgetown

Georgetown University
Public domain photo by Warren LeMay via Flickr

Georgetown offers students 39 different intramural sports clubs, 127 social justice clubs, and 85 cultural clubs, in addition to pre-professional options and special topic groups. But some might argue that one of the most exciting club opportunities centers around the university’s famous bulldog, Jack. 

Jack is the official Hoya mascot and has been the highlight of Georgetown games for decades. Students who wish to be part of “Jack’s Crew” will have the option of watching over him at games and helping him lead the university sports teams to victory. 

Apart from Jack, the university has a strong focus on building a campus culture that gives back, cultivates leadership, and utilizes being located in the nation’s capital to learn the power of being a civil participant. 

Georgetown also provides excellent pre-professional groups that can assist students in making the right moves on their way to their future careers as lawyers, doctors, economists, and tech experts. 

Among these groups are the Asian American Student Association, Georgetown Women in Leadership, Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition, and much more.

What Sports Are Georgetown Known For?

Georgetown Athletics has come a long way since the construction of its only athletic facility – a handball court – back in 1814. 

Since then, the “Hoyas” have gone on to win championships in basketball, boxing, soccer, sailing, and cross country in competition as NCAA Division I teams.

 The men’s basketball team is particularly known for its championship successes, especially under the coaching of Patrick Ewing, former all-star NBA player and Georgetown basketball alumni. 

If Coach Ewing’s athletic record wasn’t enough, he has both won and led the university’s basketball team to victory in the BIG EAST Tournament – one of the first players turned coaches ever to do so. 

Students who join the Georgetown baseball team will become part of a long historical legacy that reaches back to baseball’s beginnings as a competitive intercollegiate sport. 

Since their championship win in 1899, the Hoya baseball team has produced 35 MLB players. During the 2022 season, the university had two All-East Region First Team players. 

Student-athletes at Georgetown have won awards both for their excellence in competition and in the classroom. With All-American winners, BIG EAST players of the year, and prestigious Baker Scholar awardees among their ranks, student-athletes at Georgetown have a long history of bringing their best on and off the field.

Why Georgetown?

Georgetown is an excellent university for students looking not only for education, but also for an experience that will inform how they move through the world. 

And because the university has so many growth opportunities, students must plan out in advance what activities, groups, projects, and locations will most benefit them in the education and career path they wish to embark on.

Students should take advantage not only of the many on-campus clubs and organizations, but they should also utilize the fact that they are a city that is a global hub of leadership, business, politics, and foreign relations. 

With the possibility of interning on Capitol Hill, learning from political and business leaders, and building research experience by participating in faculty and original research, Georgetown offers students an education that will prepare them for the real world.

Being a student at Georgetown means coming to the school with a mentality that a college education isn’t just in the classroom – it means being involved in service and gaining vital research experience. 

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