University of Michigan Law School – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, and More

Who wouldn’t cherish the chance to continue their education in one of the most beautiful states in America?

Filled with crystal clear lakes, gorgeous scenery, and serene hiking trails, Michigan’s landscape has a reputation for bringing peace to even the busiest minds. 

This is just one aspect that makes it such a perfect location for any student battling the notorious stress associated with law school. 

Since the 1850s, the University of Michigan Law School has offered three significant law degrees: Juris Doctor, Master of Law, and Doctor of Juridical Science. 

Throughout history, this rigorous education has stoked the fires of curiosity, inspiring some of the brightest minds of our generation.

Though most law schools are not necessarily known for their beauty, this gorgeous campus is the stuff of legends. Thanks to generous donations from grateful alumni William Wilson Cook, today’s students can study in style. 

Each of the four major buildings holds an element of 1920’s flair, with high-vaulted ceilings and elegant oak detail. 

In fact, the famed “reading room’s” stylings are so stunning that it was once declared one of the most beautiful buildings in America. 

Those hoping to join the ranks of this stunning and historic campus are not alone. Read on to learn more about the University of Michigan Law School and its acceptance process. 

University of Michigan Law School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate into the University of Michigan Law School is 28%

As one of the larger law schools in the nation, its size grants this university the chance to accept larger classes, with an average of around 300 students per incoming class.

The University of Michigan Law School takes an immense amount of pride in maintaining a high standard despite its larger numbers. 

In particular, they encourage a level of diversity on campus

Of the 336 new students enrolled in the fall of 2022, a full 14% were among the first in their families to attend any form of college. 

Nearly a quarter of students identified themselves as being part of the LGBT+ community, while 42% were racial minorities.

The pull of this campus reaches far and wide. In just this class alone, there is representation from forty-four different states, as well as twenty-five separate countries!

The ages of incoming students range from twenty-five to forty. 

Whether hopeful applicants are fresh out of college or discovering their dreams later in life, the University of Michigan Law School stands waiting to help them achieve their goals.  

Though this expansive campus can accommodate more students than the typical top law school, the University of Michigan maintains a high standard of education. 

Their approach is both practical and analytical, focusing on the history of law just as much as its present. 

With one eye on the world, The University of Michigan aspires to offer students the highest level of education possible, and according to its rankings, they have found significant success. 

University of Michigan Law School GPA & LSAT Requirements

University of Michigan Law School
Michael Barera, University of Michigan (Hutchins Hall), CC BY-SA 4.0

The average LSAT score for UMich Law School hovers around 169, with most students scoring between 165 and 171. 

Most incoming students had a GPA of around 3.77, displaying a high degree of dedication and responsibility towards their education.

Like most prominent law schools, the University of Michigan Law School takes a holistic approach in its acceptance process. 

As such, they have no true GPA or LSAT requirements for application.

This being said, its status as one of the top law schools in the nation means that they still maintain a high standard of admission.

Most law schools require prospective students to write a personal statement, but the University of Michigan goes one step further. 

In addition to a mandatory personal statement, in which each student must detail the life experiences, personal struggles, and goals that led them to apply, students have the opportunity to include even more of their writing.  

Through up to two different supplemental essays, students have the chance to introduce themselves to the Acceptance Committee even better. 

The list of prompts ranges from fun– “Who would you most like to have dinner with?”– to serious, allowing students to select whichever topics best suit their own unique personality.

In a show of understanding, the University of Michigan Law School makes the application process as simple as possible. 

Every step can be completed online, but the admissions office maintains an open door policy, allowing potential students to stop by or call with any possible questions.

Additionally, the online application tracker makes the waiting period a breeze. On average, hopeful applicants should receive a decision within ten weeks of submitting their application. 

University of Michigan Law School Notable Alumni

The historic campus has played host to a wide assortment of influential and notable alumni, even before they went on to do great things. 

In 1870, Gabriel Hargo made history by becoming the first African American to graduate from law school. 

The following year, Sarah Killgore made headlines by being the first woman to graduate, as well as the first to gain entry to the bar.

From the very beginning, this university’s dedication to diversity has been more than just talk!

Throughout America’s timeline, lawyers educated at this prestigious university have helped decide the fate of a number of pivotal cases. In 1925, alumni Clarence Darrow helped defend the side of science in the infamous “Scopes Monkey Trial,” earning his place in American history books. 

This university’s holistic approach to acceptance has proven a significant draw to icons from all over. 

After winning the Olympic silver medal in fencing and earning a place in the fencing hall of fame, Sada Jacobson went on to complete her degree at the University of Michigan Law School. 

Above all, the University of Michigan Law School appreciates hard work. 

Regardless of background, experience, or views, thousands of notable students have had the honor of graduating with a degree from this high-class, rigorous institution. 

University of Michigan Law School Ranking

University of Michigan Law School
Flavinista, University of Michigan Law School, CC BY-SA 4.0

The University of Michigan Law School is ranked the #10 law school in the nation

This high ranking is no new trend. 

The University of Michigan Law School was among the first ever to achieve a place on the U.S. News and World Report’s famous list of college rankings. 

Since its very first ranking in 1987, this school has maintained a place among the top fourteen law schools in America.

This commitment to education does not stop once students exit the doors of the classroom. 

In keeping with their promise to nurture each student into success, this university helps students make the connections they need to step into their futures with confidence.

When students in 2020 walked across that stage at graduation, 88.8% did so with the confidence of knowing that they had already secured jobs. 

Within ten months, over 93% of students were employed that same year, with another 6% choosing to continue their education. 

While most graduates continue into the world of law, that is not the only door this university is responsible for opening. 

A large percentage of each class also go on to enjoy thriving careers in the world of business, government, or even serving as professors themselves.

The University of Michigan’s overall goal has never been just to produce lawyers. It is to provide “the foundation, experience, and connections” each student needs for wherever life takes them.

Should You Apply to the University of Michigan Law School?

Without a doubt, any prospective student can rest assured that they can look forward to a bright future after graduation from the University of Michigan Law School.

Both before and after graduation, students of this university are privy to individualized career counseling. 

During appointments at the Office of Career Planning, professionals lead students through every step of the process, from finding potential employers to practicing for those interviews. 

Above all, this is a university that truly cares about the welfare of its students.

The Office of Student Life makes connecting with other students simple. 

Students enjoy getting involved with campus life through any of the dozens of clubs and organizations, as well as through the regularly scheduled writing competitions.

Students have what they need to foster meaningful, purposeful campus relationships no matter their interests– be it as simple as a book club, intramural activity, or music ensemble.

This university maintains a solid commitment to the community. 

As part of Wolverine Street Law, students have a chance to put their young education to work, teaching underprivileged groups in the surrounding areas more about their legal rights. 

Ultimately selecting which law school to apply to is a deeply personal decision. 

That being said, any student hoping to connect to the world around them, receive a world-class education, and step forward into their future with confidence should feel safe in applying to the University of Michigan Law School.