University of Chicago Law School – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, and More

One thing is for certain; the city of Chicago takes pride in the mark it’s made in the world. 

In a short tour of this historic city, tourists are guaranteed to see all their favorite treats enhanced, “Chicago style:” 

Chicago-style pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, and Chicago-style steak reign supreme. 

Known as one of the most walkable big cities in America, Chicago bears a flair all its own, celebrating the unique stylings of music, food, and art that it has helped nurture into the world. 

In a sea of elements that set this city apart, The University of Chicago Law School stands apart as one of this great city’s most historic, renowned contributions.

Since its very founding in 1980, The University of Chicago Law School has been celebrated as one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the world. 

The campus was funded by none other than J.D. Rockefeller himself, who saw his wealth as only being useful when it helped improve the lives of others. 

Theodore Roosevelt famously gave the following advice to incoming students when laying the cornerstone of this university: “You need honesty, you need courage, and you need common sense.” 

Built on a foundation of common sense and charity, the University of Chicago sees over 200 students to graduation per year, using the timeless Socratic method to provide world-class education. 

Before applying to this prestigious university, it may be helpful to gain an understanding of the competition involved. 

University of Chicago Law School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate into the University of Chicago Law School is 12%

In 2022, only 776 of the 6,514 were awarded the much-longed-for acceptance letter. 

Of those, around 175 were accepted, leading to a slightly smaller class size than years past.

Though this university is over a century old, it only continues to grow in renowned, with a reputation for nurturing its students into the most profitable employment opportunities possible. 

As a result, the numbers show that it only becomes more selective every year

In 2017, the University of Chicago Law School boasted a 21.9% acceptance rate. 

Only three years later, this dropped further, as an increase in applications led to the school having an acceptance rate of 17.5%. 

Today, the University of Chicago Law is generally accepted as one of the country’s most selective law schools.  

Every year, thousands of applicants hope to jumpstart their careers at this prestigious foundation, lured in by the level of education they are promised to receive. 

Rather than narrowing in on any one area of law, the University of Chicago Law School takes a well-rounded approach to prepare students for wherever their future may take them. 

Though this school is best known for its training in economic law, every student on campus receives the tools to succeed in whatever branch of law they choose to study.

In addition to traditional classes, students have the opportunity to engage in clinical programs, receiving hands-on training in a variety of fields. 

Whether they hope to pursue a career in law, politics, or beyond, students at this school know they are in a place designed to point them in the right direction. 

University of Chicago Law School GPA & LSAT Requirements

University of Chicago Law School
University of Chicago Law School Communications Staff, Lawschool, CC BY 3.0

In 2020, the median LSAT score of admitted applicants was 171, meaning that only students in the 99th percentile of all test takers received admission. 

The median GPA was an impressive 3.89! That means students who are accepted rarely, if ever, get Bs in their classes.

Though these can be daunting numbers, applicants of slightly lower scores should feel a sense of safety in applying regardless. 

Like other top law schools, the University of Chicago law takes a holistic approach in its acceptance process, meaning that there are alternative ways to win the hearts of the admissions committee.

In light of the academic disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the admissions committee has announced that they have also begun heavily considering travel experiences, internships, employment, and other work to find the most qualified applicants possible. 

In addition to submitting all previous transcripts and standardized test scores, applicants are required to answer a series of questions designed to assess their general moral character. 

This section is essential, as the State Bar Association may request a copy when eventually deciding to award a student entrance into the bar.

Students have the opportunity to submit a personal statement, which makes for the ideal way to introduce themselves to the admissions committee and create a memorable impression. 

They must also submit two to four letters of recommendation from previous educators, employers, or mentors. 

University of Chicago Law School Notable Alumni

Since its founding, the University of Chicago Law School has nurtured thousands of students into fame and fortune, with over 260 Guggenheim Fellows and 23 Pulitzer Prize Winners. 

Of nearly all its proud graduates, few have known more fame and fortune than David Rubenstein.

Now worth over $3 billion dollars, David Rubenstein has built his education into an empire, earning a place on Forbe’s list of wealthiest people in the world. 

In addition to making his mark on the world of business through the Carlyle Group, his own business, he also contributes to the world of art through his position as chairman of the Kennedy Foundation for the Performing Arts.

Amy Klobuchar also found success through her rigorous education, even moving on to becoming a potential democratic nominee in the 2020 election cycle. 

After her time at the University of Chicago Law School, Klobuchar went on to political success, earning fame as Minnesota’s first-ever elected female senator.

Though proudly American, this institution has made its mark worldwide through its outstanding alumni. Such was the case with Carol Braun.

Carol Braun made a reputation in politics. Through her ferocious perseverance, she was knocking down barrier after barrier in her mission to change the world. 

In addition to becoming the first-ever black female senator, she was the first female ever elected to the U.S. Senate from the state of Illinois. 

She built an astounding career, eventually becoming the United States Ambassador to New Zealand. 

From law to politics, the University of Law School takes pride in producing students prepared to take on any area of study, one day at a time.  

University of Chicago Law School Ranking

According to the United States News and World Report, the University of Chicago Law School is among the best law schools in the country, currently ranked at #3

With an outstanding reputation such as this, students may wonder if this university is only experiencing a “blip” of fame, something temporary that may change as soon as they seek admissions. 

The statistics show that this could not be further from the truth!

In addition to earning national recognition, this university only continues to climb in the world rankings, slowly topping the charts even further every year. 

In 2021, the University of Chicago Law School made news when it achieved the rank of eleventh best law school in the world

The following year, that ranking climbed even higher when it joined the “top ten” ranking. 

This university provides far more than simple education. 

It also takes strides to ensure that every student who finished the year after graduation nestled safely in a chosen job. 

On average, 99% of graduates from this university find their chosen employment within ten months after graduation.

As a result of holistic education, a surprising percentage of those find success outside the direct world of law!

Of the class of 2021, 57.8% of graduates were employed in law firms, with many landing positions in some of the top firms in the country. 

Nearly 3% made a name in business, while an additional 3.3% went directly into government positions.

A whopping 30.8% found desirable positions within clerkship, helping them build their reputations as lawyers of the people.  

Regardless of a student’s goals, they are bound to achieve them after the truly world-class education they receive at the University of Chicago Law School.

Should You Apply to the University of Chicago Law School?

Selecting a law school can be an incredibly stressful decision. 

After all, this choice will come to define some of the most vital parts of a student’s education, as well as their life. 

In applying to a position within the University of Chicago Law School, they are investing in more than just a stellar educational opportunity. They are investing in their own welfare.

This university takes pride in looking at each student individually, pairing them with the mentors they need to succeed in their chosen field. 

With a student-teacher ratio of 5:1, each student can rest assured that they are on a campus where their educational leaders know their names. 

Even more than that, students know and appreciate that their campus cares about their mental well-being. 

In an understanding of the stresses induced by law school, the University of Chicago Law enacts a series of wellness programs to help students relax, unwind, and find the balance they need to succeed on this prestigious campus. 

In addition to providing one-on-one appointments to discuss their wellness needs, faculty provide do-it-yourself stress kits, yoga sessions, and visits from therapy dogs. During stressful exam season, hot dog carts and complimentary bubble teas provide a much-appreciated form of relief. 

Though any step of education is a highly personal decision, students can truly know that, when they apply to the University of Chicago Law School, they are applying to a school that cares.