Texas Christian University (TCU) – Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

As one of the first universities in Texas to be co-ed – in 1873 no less! – modern-day TCU continues its tradition of breaking barriers and demonstrating inclusion. 

Home to alumni like the author Sue Monk Kidd and the first female captain with American Airlines Beverly Bass, students who attend TCU will be part of a rich tradition of going above and beyond. 

This tradition means addressing significant issues and questions, and TCU doesn’t shy away from complex topics like religion, race, and diversity. 

Its commitment starts with the very word “Christian” in the TCU name. 

TCU’s roots started with an early affiliation with the Disciples of Christ, but the university welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds, and its student clubs include Hillel and the Muslim Student Association. 

As part of their Vision in Action: Lead On strategic plan, TCU is also doing important work in addressing race in its past to better its future. 

One of only two universities in Texas who have joined the Universities Studying Slavery Consortium, TCU knows the importance of not only learning from the past but also addressing the injustices that linger because of it. 

TCU has also applied this to improving services for traditionally underrepresented students and offers support like the Intercultural Center

The center provides services and opportunities to LGBTQ+ students, international students, and students of color, establishing a safe and welcoming on-campus environment.

Beyond the classroom, students also have access to nearby Fort Worth, the 12th largest city in the US. Whether students are looking for fun and great BBQ, or for internships and career opportunities, the downtown Fort Worth area has it all. 

TCU offers a quality education with a touch of southern hospitality, which is plenty of reason to keep it at the top of the list of colleges to apply to. Below are the steps students need to start applying to Texas Christian University. 

Texas Christian University Acceptance Rate

TCU Sadler Hall
Public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons

TCU’s acceptance rate is 41%. To start the application process, students will need to fill out one of the four possible admissions applications: TCU App, Common App, Coalition App, or ApplyTexas App. 

The main advantage of picking one application program over another is if a student is already using one to apply to other colleges and has their information already input. 

Students are able to apply for Spring admission or Fall admission at TCU. For students who want to be considered for Spring, they will need to have all their application and financial aid information in by November 1st. For students who are wanting to wait until the Fall, the regular decision date is February 1st

TCU also offers students application opportunities beyond the regular and Spring decision time. Students who are sure TCU is the school for them have two opportunities to submit an Early Decision, November 1st or February 1st

An Early Decision application means a student is agreeing to attend TCU if accepted. If students decide to back out of the contract, they will lose their ability to apply again. 

For students who simply want to get their application in early but without commiting yet, they can submit an Early Action application by the November 1st date for Fall admission.

Texas Christian University GPA

There is no GPA requirement for TCU, but a student’s academic record is essential in the admissions process. Transcripts need to be sent from the student’s previous school directly to the university. 

In addition, part of the TCU application requirements ask students for a counselor evaluation and a teacher evaluation. 

The counselor evaluation needs to be from a student’s admissions counselor and has to be sent directly from the individual completing the evaluation. 

This can be done directly through the Common App or Coalition App or through a range of different programs. TCU also accepts any relevant documents from students through their admissions email, frogmail@tcu.edu. 

The same goes for a student’s teacher evaluation. This will need to come directly from the teacher who is doing the evaluation and submitted through one of the several options provided on the admissions website

TCU SAT & ACT Requirements

TCU isn’t requiring SAT or ACT scores at this time, but they will take them into consideration if students choose to submit them. 

Other tests and exams, like AP Placement Exams and IB Exams, can be submitted for academic credit for students who want to graduate early, double major, or even pursue a combined masters and undergrad degree path. 

Other Requirements and Admission Tips for TCU

Texas Christian University
Easal22, Campustcu, CC BY-SA 3.0

As noted above, the submission deadline will depend on whether a student is looking to enter in Spring or Fall and whether they are looking to do Early Action or Early Decision. 

November 1st is the date for Spring admission, Early Action, and the first opportunity for Early Decision. February 1st is the deadline for regular Fall admission or the second opportunity for Early Decision. 

Beyond these options, TCU has yet another opportunity for students to consider and apply for, the John V. Roach Honors College

The honors college is for those students with exceptional academic records and who are looking to have a college educational experience that pushes them beyond the norm. Students will have access to special seminars, study abroad opportunities, learning communities, faculty mentoring, and research projects. 

To be a successful applicant to the honors program, students don’t have to have a specific GPA, but they do have to show their academic potential through two separate essays. 

These essays allow students to share any special talents, hobbies, extracurricular activities, or accomplishments that make them a good fit. 

The application for the honors college is separate from the main application and will open up to interested students after they have submitted their general application. Submission deadlines are either November 15th or February 15th, depending on what semester a student is looking to enter. 

Essays for TCU 

There is one 300-500 word essay required, but the application program students use will determine what prompt they will need to respond to. 

The essay’s primary purpose is to give TCU a more personalized view of a student apart from their grades. 

Students who choose to do the TCU application will be given four possible prompts that touch on topics like what students want for their life, people that have impacted their lives, and times when they learned from failure. 

If a student wishes to share, TCU offers them the chance to complete a Freedom of Expression Page. This space is for students to share work they have already completed, to write more about themselves, or any other creative display that shows off a student’s unique individuality.

Is Texas Christian University Right for You?

Texas Christian University Arena
Michael Barera, Texas Christian University (Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena), CC BY-SA 4.0

TCU offers an educational experience that tries to see each student’s individual potential. As seen in the Vision in Action: Lead On strategic plan, TCU is committed to producing ethical and involved citizens through its academic experience. 

TCU does this through a wide variety of initiatives, including its current and ongoing dedication to the Teacher-Scholar model of pedagogy. This model allows for smaller class sizes and more one-on-one mentoring between students and faculty, giving students the best shot at success in their studies. 

As a result of this proximity to faculty, students will have the opportunity to study with scholars like assistant professor of communication Jackie Zhuang

Her work exposes students to important issues like vaccine hesitancy in marginalized communities and how to reduce fear and misinformation. 

Other unique research that faculty at TCU is conducting includes the Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders project on dual-language learning in children’s tv programs. 

This creative energy in academics also extends to the opportunities on campus for creative expression through acting, singing, dance, and art. 

TCU has excellent opportunities for students looking to pursue creative arts-related degrees and provides access to a range of galleries, theaters, and museums on and off-campus. 

One such gallery is the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts building. This space features work from all over the world and exposes the local community and TCU students directly to the artists who created the pieces. 

In addition to their strong creative arts program, TCU is also known for having one of Texas’s best nursing, business, education, and psychology programs. 

Unique features of these programs include one of the only nursing programs in the nation that has an Oncology specific focus and two nationally recognized special education labs.

Excellence at TCU is even found on the football field with its Division I football team. Students who join the TCU community will find that the southern love of football will be too contagious to keep away from at least a few home games. 

Even with all these fantastic amenities,decidingn to pick a university is never easy. 

The choice often comes down to a student’s grades, their connection with the campus, and the ability to study a topic they are interested in. But no matter a student’s background or interest, if students decide to try for TCU, it won’t disappoint academically or socially.