Suffield Academy – Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Ranking, and More

Every parent wants the best for their child, and within the world of Connecticut private schools, few are better than Suffield Academy.

Originally founded in the early 1800s with a mission to educate young men for the ministry, this school has since opened its doors to members of every religion and gender. 

By embracing a diverse, non-denominational outlook, this prestigious school strives to open the doors of opportunity for students from all walks of life.

Today, Suffield Academy strives to guide its students into being the most influential, impactful young men and women they can become. What better way to do so than through stimulating and engaging events?

During the annual Color Wars on Bell Hill, students simultaneously experience the joy of giving back alongside the fun of a community event. Each year, the student body selects a different fundraiser, then works together the sell colorful powders and t-shirts for the festivities.  

Programs like SOLO give students the chance to build their outdoor survival skills, teaching self-reliance along with a mindful connection to nature. 

Naturally, a school as engaged and all-inclusive as Suffield Academy has a massive draw, pulling hopeful applicants from all over the country.

In this article, we discuss the Suffield Academy acceptance rate, as well as other details that might make the process of seeking acceptance into this renowned school easy. 

Read on to learn more about the Suffield Academy acceptance rate!

Suffield Academy Acceptance Rate

Suffield Academy
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Suffield Academy currently has an acceptance rate of around 29%, making it one of the most exclusive in the state.  

Each year, hundreds of students from around the country– and the world– apply to join the ranks of the prestigious alumni. Unfortunately, in their dedication to consistently providing one of the most rigorous educations in the nation, Suffield Academy only accepts around 120 new students per year. 

Though this news may make hopeful applicants even more nervous about applying for admission, it is another part of what makes a Suffield Academy education so meaningful.

The power behind a Suffield Academy education lies in keeping class sizes as small as possible, ensuring every student can be truly seen, known, and understood by their instructors.

At this school, the adults are more than just teachers; they are mentors. 

With a ratio of only five students per teacher, Suffield Academy celebrates one of the most well-balanced, nurturing educational communities in Connecticut. 

These adults take pride in coaxing each student into their best potential, leading to the school’s average 100 percent graduation rate.

Always keeping one eye on the future, Suffield Academy hopes to lead each student into a successful college career. 

Within the Hoffman College Counseling Center, students become part of a four-year program designed to help them organize their educational goals, realize their potential, and learn the steps involved in joining the university of their dreams. 

Suffield Academy Alumni

With this academy’s skill for finding the qualities that make each student unique, it is no surprise that the alumni list includes politicians, athletes, and other people of influence.

After honing his leadership skills within the halls of Suffield Academy, Daniel Webster Gill served two terms as the Mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Later, he advanced his role even further by joining the Wyoming senate.

Christian Wilkins found his footing as an athlete on the teams of Suffield Academy before having the opportunity to join his college football team at Clemson. 

By this point, it came as no surprise when he was drafted into the NFL, signed with the Miami Dolphins, and enjoyed a successful career as a defensive end.

Though born in Japan, Taro Kono later moved to the United States, determined to advance his education at Suffield Academy. 

Later, he applied this same determination to his political career, rising through the ranks to serve as the Minister of the Digital Affairs of Japan. 

Through its persistent dedication to providing the most opportunities for every student, Suffield Academy has gone on to influence not just the state of Connecticut, but the world at large!

Suffield Academy Tuition

Brewster Hall - Suffield Academy
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As of 2022, Suffield Academy charges $68,500 dollars for annual boarding, with a reduced tuition of $47,400 for students who choose to only attend during the day. 

With this fee, students have access to instruction, board, medical care, all meals, physical training– with the potential of joining the elite athletics program– and admission into any of the school’s events.

Though this sum does place Suffield Academy among the most expensive boarding schools in America, the school generally offers financial aid opportunities to offset the cost.

Using a series of needs-based grants and scholarships, Suffield Academy hopes to offer money-saving opportunities both to students from different backgrounds and those with stellar athletic and academic records. 

After receiving an application for financial aid, the Financial Aid Committee reviews each case on an individual basis, looking over both individual merit and institutional need. 

Only after a deep discussion of each student’s background does this committee decide how much money to award every year, whether that be full tuition or a healthy supplement. 

Currently, around one-third of the student body benefits from some form of school-awarded financial aid. 

Suffield Academy Ranking

Suffield Academy is ranked among one of the top twenty percent of private schools in Connecticut, receiving national credit for its rich history and large student body.

Popular school ranking sites place this school as the twelfth best college preparatory private high school in Connecticut, even going so far as to declare it one of the fifty best boarding schools in America.

With its rigorous drive towards improvement and amazing academic facilities, Suffield Academy has been ranked within the top ten percent of high schools for STEM in America, placing 500th on a list of over 8,000 schools.

Though Springfield is widely praised for its rich academic opportunities, Suffield Academy comes up on top. 

It ranks as the top private school, boarding school, and STEM-focused high school in the entire area. 

Without a doubt, the thriving athletic department helps set Suffield Academy apart as one of the best in the nation. 

Rankings place this school among the top twenty-five percent for athletes in all of Connecticut, and with its superb facilities, this ranking is only set to rise. 

What Athletics and Extra-Curriculars are Offered at Suffield Academy?

Suffield Academy boasts a remarkable and historic athletic program, offering students the chance to participate in everything from traditional sports like baseball and football to those they may never have otherwise had an opportunity to experience, including squash, crew, wrestling, and water polo.

The two separate synthetic turf fields provide plenty of space for students to stretch their athletic abilities, while the forty-foot rock climbing wall makes working out even more fun than they may have imagined.

With forty-seven interscholastic sports teams to choose from, students are bound to find something to fuel their passion!

When it comes to clubs, this school only continues to keep the opportunities rolling.

In its constant endeavor to push students to their fullest potential, Suffield Academy boasts dozens of unique, student-led organizations.

As part of the “What Would Ruth Bader Ginsburg Do” club, students honor the notorious RBG’s legacy by staying up to date in the fight for equality. Whether students identify as true activists or just beginners to the cause, they can find education and connection within this progressively-focused group.

The Helping Hands Club is similarly action-oriented; however, rather than fighting for change, these students fight to better their community in as many tiny ways as possible. 

As a part of this organization, students can bond with similarly minded individuals, help others, and build a resume with as many community service hours as they could possibly want. 

Should You Apply to Suffield Academy?

Suffield continues to have hundreds of applicants every year. The opportunities on this gorgeous campus make it worth every ounce of anxiety in the application process worth it!

Located just seventeen miles from the booming Hartford, Connecticut, this pristine campus with designed for a truly well-rounded educational experience.

After classes, students don’t have to do their homework stuffed away in a dusty dormitory. Instead, they can sprawl over the lush green spaces located all over campus or take advantage of the 20,000-volume library to continue their studies. 

At the Balance Barn, students can unwind as they practice valuable mindfulness strategies, including both yoga and pilates. 

Within the Jeanice Seaverns Performing Arts Center, students can support their classmates as they enjoy a night at the theater. This 8,400 square-foot space hosts plays, dance recitals, and all manner of musical productions throughout the year. 

Students more interested in construction than performance can join in the fun at the Set Design Shop, an open space dedicated to providing classes in woodworking and architecture. 

Before taking advantage of all this glorious school has to offer, every student starts the same way: sitting in front of a computer screen, debating whether or not to apply.  

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