Pomona Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date

Pomona College is a prestigious private liberal arts university located in California, one of the five Claremont Colleges.

The 140-acre suburban campus is located about 35 miles east of Los Angeles, giving this small school a big city feel. 

Ranked #4 in National Liberal Arts Colleges by US News and World Report, students at Pomona receive a fantastic education rated among the highest in the world.

With small class sizes, robust opportunities for campus involvement, and an NCAA Division 3 athletic program, Pomona students can have a well-rounded experience, including academic, social, and athletic participation.

With a faculty-to-student ratio of 8:1 and just under 2,000 students, each student at Pomona College is able to enjoy a close-knit educational experience. 

All courses are taught by professors, giving students valuable mentorship and access to leaders in the field.

With 94% of students living on campus all four years, the Pomona College community remains tight-knit and offers more than 250 student-run clubs and organizations on their campus alone.

Established in 1887, Pomona is the founding member of The Claremont Colleges (the 5 Cs). 

This access allows a student to experience the smaller environment of Pomona College while also getting to know students, attending courses, sharing resources, and being involved in activities at all seven institutions.

Approximately 50% of Pomona College students study abroad, and 89% of graduates have completed at least one internship

With no graduate students competing with lab space and time, students at Pomona can get a great deal of hands-on research experience as well. The experience at Pomona College sets students up for success.

Early decision applications are offered in two rounds for highly interested applicants. Since the early decision is binding, it’s recommended only for students absolutely set on Pomona. 

Read on for more information about the application, deadlines, and acceptance rates for early decision at California’s Pomona College.

Pomona Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Pomona College
Sdkb, Smith Clock Tower view, CC BY-SA 4.0

The early decision acceptance rate at Pomona College is 12.7%.

Pomona College statistics for the class of 2025 listed an overall admit rate of 6.6%

The number of applicants was 11,620 — including 161 students who matriculated through early decision and 173 through regular decision. 

Even though the acceptance rates for Pomona are relatively low across the board, this comes with the territory for a smaller school. 

This just shows how beneficial an early decision application can be for the student interested in attending this prestigious school.

Pomona Early Decision Decision Date

Early decisions at Pomona College are released by December 15th (for ED1) and February 15th (for ED2). 

Pomona College encourages highly motivated students who are passionate about Pomona to apply during either of these early decision application rounds.

The only difference between these rounds is dates, so applicants are encouraged to select whichever date works best for them and highlights their abilities.

Early decision applicants will get one of three decisions. 

First, these applicants can be admitted. This is a binding decision, so admitted students should be prepared to attend the university in the fall! 

Students are required to reply to their decisions by January 1st for ED1 and March 1st for ED2.

Next, applicants could be deferred. 

A small percentage of the ED applicants will be deferred. This means that the committee was interested in the student but wasn’t ready to decide. 

Deferred applicants are encouraged to apply to other universities in the meantime and will be reconsidered with the regular decision round in January.

And finally, some students will be denied. These applicants cannot reapply for regular decision but may apply in future years. 

Pomona Early Decision Deadline

The application deadline for Pomona’s early decision 1 is November 15th, and early decision 2 is January 8th

Either of these is open to any first-year student, and they can select whichever deadline works best for them.

The applications are evaluated in the same manner and priority for both early decision rounds. The only difference is timing. 

For some students, waiting until January for improved grades, scores, or other information may be advantageous. 

Both early decision rounds are binding, so they should be reserved for students who are ready to commit to Pomona. Regardless of the ED round, an applicant would have to withdraw any other active college applications if selected. 

These deadlines apply to the application itself, not the supporting materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation). However, students should aim to get those official materials to the university as soon as possible so their applications can be reviewed. 

Pomona Early Decision Deferral Rate

Pomona College
Sdkb, Pomona College Walker Beach, CC BY-SA 4.0

Deferral rates for early decision applicants to Pomona College are around 10-15% each year. 

Those students will receive final decisions by April 1. 

Those deferred early decision applicants have strong potential and are considered again in the regular decision application round even though they are not initially offered admission.

Students are encouraged to continue to connect with their admissions officer during this time and should plan to send in any updated grades and any changes to their extracurricular involvement by February 10th to be included when they are reevaluated.

How to Apply to Pomona for Early Decision

Early decision applicants go through the same process as regular decision but can show a commitment to Pomona and may be able to set their college plans early. 

Pomona accepts Common Application, Coalition, and Quest Bridge applications. The university has no preference for these applications, so the student should choose whichever does the best job showcasing their unique talents. 

The application includes a $70 application fee which can be waived under certain conditions.

Included with the application, students should submit Pomona-specific essays, official transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

Pomona College has extended its test-optional policy for first-year and transfer applicants through 2024. 

Though these ACT and SAT scores are not required, many students still choose to report them.

Students who choose to submit test scores will be used as part of the holistic review process, including other factors such as academic achievement, leadership and extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation. 

Some students may also choose to submit arts supplements to showcase their abilities in dance, music, or theatre. 

This is entirely optional. Interested students should request an interview early, as the university cannot always fulfill every request. 

Though entirely optional, these interviews are good opportunities to connect to alumni in advance of an admissions decision.

Though all applicants should demonstrate academic preparation, students admitted to Pomona are evaluated based on their anticipated contributions to the university culture as well as their talents, qualities, and potential.

Pomona College students are bright, creative, and collaborative, with excellent faculty and equipment access. 

Early decision would be an excellent option for any student whose first choice school is a prestigious, high-ranking liberal arts college in Pomona College.

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