Here Are the 10 Best Medical Schools in Texas

Texas is one of the best states for pursuing a medical school degree, home to many higher education institutions dedicated to medicine.

Going to medical school in Texas is a wise decision; as Texas is home to nearly 30 million individuals, the need for doctors, nurses, surgeons, and practitioners is higher than ever before.

The best medical schools in Texas and the best medical schools worldwide emphasize both theory and practice. In Texas’s medical schools, a myriad of important discoveries has advanced healthcare and health products.

For this list, we looked at innovation in research, the difficulty of admission, GPA, MCAT scores, and similar metrics for this list.

Additionally, we looked at the quality and impact of both the independent schools of medicine as well as their affiliated medical centers.

What are the lone star state’s best programs for research and primary care? Today, we post our ranking for the 10 best medical schools in the entire state of Texas.

10. The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School (Austin, TX) 

University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School
Larry D. Moore, Dell Medical School Health Discovery Building 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0

One of the youngest medical schools in Texas, Dell Medical is only four years old. Although this school is young, its accomplishments over the last few years are exceptional. 

The curriculum at UT Austin Dell Medical is outstanding. The first year is dedicated to understanding the essentials of a pre-clinical curriculum. The second-year includes an 8-week clerkship throughout Austin-area clinics and hospitals. 

The third-year allows students to explore a particular medical interest and help patients throughout Central Texas. By the fourth year, students prepare for the transition into a medical residency.

Although Dell Medical is a young school, it is incredibly selective. In its inaugural year, Dell Medical accepted 50 students out of 5,000 total applicants, giving it a 1% acceptance rate.

9. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (El Paso, TX)

9. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine
CDonn3, Medical Sciences Building I, CC0 1.0

The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine is a unique institution. Most medical schools do not permit students to do clinical science work until the third year; however, they can begin in their first year at Foster.

Foster School of Medicine students get unparalleled clinical training in one of the most impressive facilities in all of Texas, the TECHS facility. TECHS, which stands for Training and Educational Center for Healthcare Simulation, is home to over 24,000(!) square feet of simulation space designed for experiential medical learning.

The greater Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso originally formed in 1969 as a constituent of Texas Tech University. In 2013, it became a separate institution.

In 2011, the associated Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing, one of the schools of Texas Tech El Paso, opened its doors through a significant $10 million donation. 

8. University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine (Galveston, TX)

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine
Tacovera1, UTMB’s Research Buildings, CC BY-SA 4.0

The first medical school established in all of Texas, the UTMB School of Medicine has trained 1 in 6 Texas physicians, according to Wikipedia.

The University of Texas Medical Branch received an endowment in 2019 for an unprecedented $560 million, funds used for advancing the healthcare and facilities of this important academic center. 

UTMB is an impressive medical facility; the greater medical branch currently houses 70 buildings, over 2,500 students, and 1,000 faculty members! With its tremendous impact on the health profession throughout Texas and the US, it is safe to say UTMB is a medical school changing the world.

Annually, UTMB spends over $1 billion on research and other medical endeavors.

UTMB is a part of the greater Texas Medical Center, a 2.1 square mile medical district in Houston that is the largest medical complex in the world.

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