Discover the 10 Best “Hidden Gem” Technology Schools in the US

3. New England Institute of Technology (East Greenwich, RI)

New England Institute of Technology
Kenneth C. Zirkel, New England Institute of Technology, CC BY-SA 4.0

Tech students gain the NEIT edge through hands-on learning, leading industry faculty, and analytical abilities. NEIT Business Management students recently won the International Business Skills Championship in both the Open and Associate divisions. They spent over 100 hours preparing for the Society for the Advancement of Management International Conference where they led the written case and case presentation competitions.

Along with winning championships, students develop essential relationships and learn resilience through acts of community service. Students in the Video Game Design and Development program worked alongside patients at Hasbro Children’s Hospital to produce original video games. This was an innovative way to engage students in game making while also giving back to the community.

2. Kettering University (Flint, MI)

Kettering University
Bryan Duggan, Kettering TH, CC BY-SA 3.0

As the former head of research for General Motors, Charles F. Kettering believed in innovation and the power of cooperative education. Since its conception, the school has had a strong focus on creating business and industry leaders through the unique co-op model.

Students are required to complete at least five co-op terms in order to graduate. This provides students with paid work experience and the opportunity to learn from corporate leaders in a variety of industries. The majority of students from Kettering University graduate with 2.5 years of professional experience and average earnings of $45,000 – 70,000 in the bank.

With the wealth of opportunities, it’s no surprise that Kettering has nearly 25,000 alumni, with many C-level executives at major companies. Notable alumni include industry leaders at companies like General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Walmart, Bloomberg Businessweek, eBay, and Delphi.

1. Louisiana Tech University (Ruston, LA)

Louisiana Tech University
Public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons

Along with 16 varsity Division I teams, Louisiana Tech is known for their exciting research and entrepreneurship. The school is classified as a doctoral university with high research activity by the Carnegie Classification. 

Louisiana Tech has collaborations with big players like NASA, NIH, NSF, and the Department of Defense. The Research and Innovation Entreprise is the epicenter of innovation on campus where faculty, students, and corporate partners tackle today’s top problems. The Louisiana Tech community develops new technology that impact communities and even the world.

Students can also bring their unique ideas to life through the Top Dog Competition. This annual competition allows teams to develop their own ideas into real businesses and compete for resources to develop their concept. The winners in 2020 developed socks for diabetic patients to detect foot infections.

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