What Can You Do With an Art Degree? 100+ Careers & Salaries Revealed

Fashion Illustration

Illustrating fashion concepts and ideas prior to actual fashion creation. Sometimes accomplished by the fashion designer, however major clothing and fashion companies hire both designers and illustrators.

Salary: $51,000/year (ZipRecruiter)

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion specialists who plan exact merchandise to sell at the right time. Fashion merchandisers closely watch for trends in the fashion industry, looking to get ahead of competitors so their company has an economic advantage when selling specific products. 

Salary: $50,000/year (PayScale)


An individual who creates films for consumer commercial consumption. Filmmaking has been the dominant art form of the 20th and 21st centuries in terms of gross dollars.

Salary: Filmmakers can hold a number of duties in the process of making films. The average filmmaker salary is $54,000/year according to ZipRecruiter. However, the top positions in a filmmaking studio, such as the director, will often make significantly more money.

Fine artist

Art that is created for the sake of art itself, and generally accepted as separate from art for commercial purposes. 

Salary: If you are employed as a sculptor, painer, or illustrator, your salary can be $40,000 – $60,000/year according to Recruiter. If you are an independent artist with a major following, you can make anywhere from a few thousand to millions per year.

Floral Designer

Floral designers use plants to create visually satisfying patterns. Many florists open their own shops, and small boutiques may employ a floral designer in their own shop. 

Salary: $51,000/year (Salary.com)

Forensic Artist

Ever watch mystery television shows and see the person who draws a sketch based on a witness description? This position exists in real life and is integral to helping law enforcement find suspects when no photographic evidence otherwise exists.

Catching criminals is not the only job of a forensic artist; they also do other illustrations associated with legal enforcement and proceedings.

Salary: $61,000/year (ZipRecruiter)

Gallery Assistant

Similar to an artist assistant, a gallery assistant helps with clerical, administrative, and the general day-to-day tasks of a professional art gallery. 

Salary: $36,000/year (Study.com). In the real world, while some full-time gallery assistant positions exist, many are part-time positions and some are even internship-based.

Gallery Manager

Gallery managers can do a wide variety of tasks based on the needs of the gallery. One common task is the “front of house” role where gallery managers help to take care of customers in the gallery interested in purchasing artwork. 

Salary: $48,000/year (Salary.com)

Gallery Director

An individual who oversees the artistic vision and direction of a gallery, as well as help boost the gallery’s fame and reputation. A great gallery director helps shape the public’s perspective of an art gallery through careful curation and an understanding of a gallery’s particular aesthetic.

Salary: $54,000/year (ZipRecruiter)

Gem Cutter

A person who shapes, cuts, polishes and places gemstones. A gem cutter is also commonly known as a lapidary.

Salary: $45,000/year (Economic Research Institute).


Glassblowers help formulate the appearance of glass by blowing by inflating molten glass with a pipe. This position is also called a gaffer or glassmith. 

Salary: $33,000/year (CareerExplorer)

Graphic designer

photo by RawPixel.com via Shutterstock

An individual who designs or otherwise transforms images. In the modern world, graphic designers are often associated with design on computer programs, such as Illustrator and PhotoShop.

Salary: $46,000/year (GlassDoor)

Greeting Card Designer

All those Hallmark cards need a skilled, qualified artist to oversee and design greeting cards prior to sale. 

Salary: $38,000/year (ZipRecruiter)

Group Art Course Instructor

An individual who leads casual students in a course on making art. Famous examples include Paint Nite as well as Sip & Script. 

Salary: Paint Nite (now Yaymaker) pays instructors an average of $21/hour according to Indeed.

Digital Artist

Utilizing technology to create original work. Digital artists are in high demand for commercial applications, and their work overlaps with many of the other professions on this list. Digital art activities include painting, drawing, modeling, music, sound engineering, and more.

Salary: Freelancers make an average of $62,000/year (ZipRecruiter)

Furniture Designer

An individual who helps design beds, couches, chairs, stools, and any other piece of furniture. Major furniture companies, such as Ikea and Herman Miller, employ furniture designers.

Salary: $51,000/year (PayScale)


An artist who creates a visual piece to articulate the meaning of any given text. Illustrators are used in dozens of applications, including children’s books, textbooks, documentaries, and dozens more.

Salary: $53,000/year (Chron)

Industrial Designer

Someone who designs products intended to be produced at a massive scale for retail sale. It is separate from the actual manufacturing of a product. A related career on this list is CAD Drafting.

Salary: $65,000/year (ZipRecruiter)

Interior Designer

An individual who improves the quality of a building’s interior. Interior designers are employed by corporations to design major buildings and by individuals who want to enhance their individual living space.

Salary: $59,000/year (Indeed)

Jewellery Designer

Any individual who creates and designs jewelry, including necklaces, watches, rings, earrings, and other accessories.

Salary: Although ZipRecruiter says the national average salary is $44,000/year, designers employed in major companies such as Tiffany’s make more than $100,000/year (Glassdoor).

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