The Top 10 “Hidden Gem” Colleges With the Highest-Paid Alumni

8. Clarkson University (Potsdam, NY)

photo by Apl175 via Wikimedia Commons

Clarkson is one of the best options for the student seeking a diverse education at a medium-sized university.

Like many of the schools on this list, Clarkson is less than 5,000 in its student population.

Unlike other schools on this list, it’s curriculum represents a broad array of interests satisfactory to nearly any undergraduate student.

The most prominent specialties at Clarkson are sustainable environmental sciences, business, engineering, and general liberal arts. In total, over 95 programs of study are offered at Clarkson.

One of Clarkson’s flagship offerings is The Clarkson School. At The Clarkson School, students can forego their senior year of high school and attend this unique program instead. Students of the program are granted early entrance.

 43,000 living alumni enjoy some of the highest salaries of all schools in the US.

MEDIAN CAREER PAY: $130,100.00

7. Babson College (Wellesley, MA)

photo by Daderot via Wikimedia Commons

Babson is perhaps the most interesting school on this list.

Where most other universities on this list have world-class focus in STEM or the Health Sciences, Babson is known as the school for entrepreneurship.

What is entrepreneurship? Perhaps you have seen Shark Tank or any other reality business shows. Entrepreneurship, quite simply, is the practice of starting and growing for-profit businesses.

Babson’s alumni have produced some of the most recognizable brands and corporations worldwide.

They include Arthur Blank, the founder of Home Depot, Alberto Perlman, the founder of Zumba Fitness, and Daniel Frank Gerber, who founded the Gerber Products Company most widely known for their baby care items.

Babson is unique for a few reasons.

One, it offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. While this may not seem unique, most business schools only offer graduate degrees.

Secondly, although it is a business-focused school, it is actually has an active sports culture with 22 varsity sports available on campus. It is currently a Division III NCAA school.

MEDIAN CAREER PAY: $133,800.00

6. Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA)

photo by SCUMATT via Wikimedia Commons

The largest school on this list, Santa Clara University is a private Jesuit school in Santa Clara, California. It is the oldest institute of higher education in the entire state of California.

Santa Clara has produced a remarkably large and accomplished alumni body. Alumni include congressmen, senators, and entrepreneurs who founded large companies including NVIDIA and Farmer’s Insurance. Alumni have also won a Pulitzer, NBA MVP award (Steve Nash), and even created Javascript, one of the fundamental computer coding languages.

Its endowment is nearly $1 billion dollar, placing it in the top 10 most well-endowed university programs in the country.

One reason Santa Clara’s graduates are so well-paid is based on its location. Located in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara’s graduates frequently find work in the startup culture of San Francisco, the city with the highest salaries nationwide.

MEDIAN CAREER PAY: $134,700.00


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