The 10 Best Colleges for Career Success After Graduation

3. Ohio Northern University (Ada, OH)

photo by Bmamlyuk via Wikimedia Commons

With a nearly 96% employment rate for students, Ohio Northern is the best school in all of Ohio for placing students into jobs after graduation, surpassing the numbers of Ohio State, Ohio Wesleyan, and many other highly-ranked midwest institutions.

Situated across 342 acres, Ohio Northern has sustained tremendous growth throughout the past few decades. Expansions include a new engineering building, the Freed Center for the Performing Arts, and renovations to several of the campus’ current facilities.

This approach to growth is a reflection of the university’s commitment to seeing their students succeed in and out of college.

Worthy of mention is the school’s central mission of sustainability. Successful environmental efforts include the implementation of wind turbines meeting nearly 10% of the university’s energy needs, as well as a solar field reducing ONU’s carbon footprint by 2,200 tons.

Employment Rate: 95.86%

2. Augustana University (Sioux Falls, SD)

photo by David Huebner via Wikimedia Commons

Augustana – South Dakota’s largest private university with approximately 2,000 students – has a higher employment rate than any top-ranked school in the country, including Williams, Amherst, Harvard, and Yale.

Don’t believe us? For every 25 students who graduate Augustana, an amazing 24 find work soon upon graduation, according to data from the Federal government.

How is Augustana so successful in placing students into work after college? It’s through their commitment to getting students ready for work after college.

Experiential learning is at the core of the Augustana experience. The school invests a quarter of a million dollars each year helping students gain internships, field work, and other opportunities setting them up for career success after graduation.

Accepting 3 out of every 5 students who apply, Augustana is labeled by US News as a “more selective” institution, and with good reason; this exclusive institution is the midwest’s very best for helping their students shape profitable and fulfilling futures.

Employment Rate: 96.05%

1. Quinnipiac University (Hamden, CT)

photo by JlsElsewhere via Wikimedia Commons

The #1 school nationwide for helping students find significant employment after college is Quinnipiac University, a hidden-gem university tucked away in Hamden, Connecticut.

How does Quinnipiac maintain a 96%+ employment rate within six months of graduation? Perhaps it’s the fact that 3/4ths of the entire student body participate in an internship during their undergraduate studies, or that nearly 70% engage in service learning while at Quinnipiac.

Or maybe it is that this school has many highly-ranked programs preparing students for successful careers. Quinnipiac’s School of Business as well as their School of Law are ranked highly by US News as well as Forbes Magazine.

What makes Quinnipiac special though is its unique standing as an east coast institution. Surpassing every Ivy League university as well as every top liberal arts college in employment rate is no small feat; we predict Quinnipiac’s ranking in mainstream media outlets will rise significantly over the next 3 years. 

Employment Rate: 96.10%

Featured Image by JlsElsewhere via Wikimedia Commons


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