The 10 Best “Hidden Gem” Universities In Texas

7. Lamar University (Beaumont, TX)

photo by Shellyvitanza via Wikimedia Commons

Lamar University is a respected public institution located in the town of Beaumont, which is a short drive east of Houston. They have an excellent range of programs to choose from, many of which are well ranked. Some of the best-ranked programs include their healthcare and engineering programs. 

They also offer a wide range of classes online, which gives students flexibility during their college experience. Many students commute to campus and work while studying, but there’s also a very strong community on campus. 

Lamar is highly praised for its diversity. The environment is very welcoming, and students come from a variety of different backgrounds to create a great campus culture. 

Although Beaumont has a small town feel, its proximity to Houston makes it easy for students to enjoy the conveniences of a large city when they want to. 

6. Prairie View A&M University (Prairie View, TX)

photo by Broadmoor via Wikimedia Commons

Prairie View is a historically black university known for its small classes and safe environment. They have a number of majors to choose from, and some of their most renowned programs include their engineering, communications, and psychology programs. 

This school encourages students to get involved in a diverse range of activities outside of their academics for a well-rounded college experience. The beautiful campus is very walkable and offers plenty of fun perks and amenities for students, including a new rec center and bowling alley. 

This school has a very strong community where students are proud to represent their school. There are strong traditions on campus, as well as plenty of opportunities for new students to make friends and network. Unlike many universities, Prairie View is consistently applauded for the quality of the food in their dining hall as well. 

5. University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio & Alamo Heights, TX)

photo by Nan Palmero via Wikimedia Commons

This school is one of the top Catholic universities in Texas. They focus on a strong liberal arts education that produces well-rounded individuals. 

They also have a strong focus on healthcare, with an excellent pharmacy school and optometry school. Classes here can be demanding, but there’s lots of personal instruction and professors make themselves available to help their students. 

This school has a large urban campus in northern San Antonio, in close proximity to many popular museums as well as the San Antonio Zoo. This means there’s plenty for students to do when they’re not in class. They also have plenty of organizations on campus where students can make friends. 

4. University of Texas-Tyler (Tyler, TX)

The University of Texas has many locations throughout the state, but this outpost in the town of Tyler is a great option for those who want a small town feel. 

Because this school is part of the UT system, they have a very wide range of degree programs to choose from, including excellent online classes and graduate degrees. It is also very affordable when compared with many of the other schools in the UT system. 

This campus at Tyler combines small-town friendliness with plenty of fun things to do. They have a respectable athletics program and plenty of activities on campus. 

The city itself is very pleasant and is in a beautiful part of the Texas countryside. While the vibe on campus is quiet, there’s a tight-knit community where students are supported through their academic challenges.



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