The 10 Safest College Campuses In the US

7. Roane State Community College (Harriman, TN)

Roane State Community College is the location of the Henry/Stafford East Tennessee Agricultural Exposition Center, which hosts many livestock and agricultural-related events in Tennessee, as well as an observatory, art galleries, and two different theaters. 

Students can explore a variety of academic subjects for the fraction of the price of a large university.  

In 2008, a 73-year-old student, Ken Mink, became the oldest student ever to score in a college basketball game before being declared academically ineligible for failing a Spanish class. Mink is now 85 and plays basketball in the Senior Olympics. 

He has also written twenty books about sports and his personal story, as well as edits an online travel journal with his wife. Mink is likely the most famous alumni of the school.  

6. Virginia Western Community College (Roanoke, VA)

Virginia Western Community College scores high with students and alumni in both diversity and safety, making it a welcoming environment for everyone. Both students and alumni report that the teachers are friendly. Because of the small, close-knit community, students feel that they really get to know their professors.

This school offers only two-year programs, but credits can easily be transferred toward a bachelor’s degree from a four year college or university.

Virginia Western is home to a variety of unique student clubs, including a quilting and sewing club, amateur radio club, robotics club, and the Kappa Beta Delta honor society. Students organizations help students meet new people and gain leadership experience, adding to the collegial feel on campus. 

5. John Wood Community College (Quincy, IL)

John Wood Community College is a small, rural, 2-year community college with a very interesting history. In 1974, when the college was first formed, they lacked facilities in which to educate students. 

Instead, the college took a “Common Market” approach which allowed students to enroll at John Wood but take their classes at other local colleges such as Culver-Stockton College and Quincy College. 

By 1991, the “Common Market” structure had been phased out and the school had purchased a number of prefabricated buildings and hired their own staff to teach courses. 

Now, the college’s facilities include a fine arts center, a science and technology center, and numerous sports facilities including a baseball field and a softball field.

4. Jackson State Community College (Jackson, TN)

Jackson State Community College boasts about their small class sizes taught by highly-qualified and experienced professors. They also offer a wide array of student-lead clubs and intramural sports in which any student, faculty member, or staff member can participate. 

Despite not having an NCAA-caliber sports program on campus, the school has produced at least four professional baseball players, one professional basketball player and one college baseball coach (Greg Goff, the head baseball coach at Purdue University).

Notable alumni also include politicians Steve McDaniel and Ron Lollar.


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