Discover the 10 Best Colleges for Journalism In the US

5. Arizona State University Cronkite School of Journalism (Phoenix, AZ)

Arizona State University
Schwnj, ASUDowntown1, CC BY-SA 3.0

Perhaps the top school in the country for journalism, ASU’s Cronkite School is perhaps the most impressive training center for 21st century news media in all forms.

What we like about the school is its focus on immersion. One example of “immersion learning” at ASU is Arizona PBS, a media outlet larger than any other in the world held within a university.

This news source reaches an astonishing 1.9 million people over three television stations.

Students and faculty in the Cronkite School of Journalism run the school’s Cronkite News, a media operation of digital journalism and broadcasting stationed in Phoenix, Washington, and Los Angeles.

The program is hardly for the student who only want to read books and write papers on media and theory.

Rather, as you can see, this school is exceptionally hands-on in its approach to fostering tomorrow’s broadcasting & journalism professionals.

The school is noted for its high performance at the Hearst Awards, perhaps the most prestigious award for journalism in the world.

In the past 16 years, the school consistently places in the top 10 nationally; frequently, they receive first and second place prizes.

The future of the school is bright, with the recent launch of the Howards Center for Investigative Journalism, a hands-on institution awarding Master’s degrees for students wanting to dive into the genre of watchdog journalism.

Alumni of the school are major contributors to the most reputed publications worldwide.

4. Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA)

Stanford University
Jrissman, Stanford Campus Aerial Photo, CC BY 3.0

A graduate-degree only granting institution for journalism, Stanford is perhaps the most prestigious graduate program worldwide in journalism.

Based in Silicon Valley, the program is particularly noted for its data-driven approach to storytelling.

Indeed, students of the program are tasked with learning Python and coding software, as well as more traditional media tools like Final Cut Pro X.

The location in Silicon Valley also leads to unique student projects profiling life in America’s tech center. Here’s one piece produced from Stanford students outlining communities in transition as new tech campuses are being constructed.

Within 40 miles of Stanford are many tech companies: these include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pandora, Google, Netflix, and more.

Needless to say, a student interested in covering the latest on big tech companies (e.g. such as a TechCrunch type website) may benefit tremendously from an education in Palo Alto.

3. University of Texas at Austin Moody College of Communication (Austin, TX)

UT Austin
AdrienWikipedia, University of Texas at Austin Fountain and Tower, CC BY-SA 4.0

Perhaps the South’s finest program for journalism in the United States, UT-Austin consistently scores highly on all the top college journalism lists, ranking in the top 10 on nearly every list we sourced to create this list.

A hallmark of the UT-Austin program is its partnership with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.

At the Knight Center, students can participate in programs in Latin America, doing a study abroad for a whole semester.

Two NPR affiliate radio stations, KUT and KUTX, are operated at UT-Austin and run primarily by students at the school.

Alumni of the school are among the most active in journalism today; Pulitzer and Emmy winners have come from UT-Austin.

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