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HONORABLE MENTION: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, IN)

Consistently ranked by US News and World report as the best undergraduate school in the world for engineering and technology, this primarily undergraduate institution is among the most innovative, forward-thinking engineering programs in the world.

One of the great hallmarks of the Rose-Hulman program is student employment outcome at the school. Every single year, 98% of graduates are placed into the ranks of working professionals. This exceptionally high placement rate showcases the solid reputation this school has with employers in the STEM fields.

Adding to its solid reputation is the fact that, according to, the school is among the top 30 of all universities in the whole country for the best return on investment.

This prestigious school is constantly advancing itself and its facilities. A recent $15,000,000 gift to the school is being used to create an impressive 60,000 square foot space outfitted with flexible classrooms, workspaces, design studios, and more. The building will be open to students in 2021.

One great feature of this school is the excellence and dedication of the faculty to the student body. One such faculty member is Renee Rogge, the Chair of the Biomedical Engineering program, who has involved countless Rose-Hulman students in a number of important, innovative research projects advancing biomechanics.

Alumni of the program are among the most accomplished in the country with many going on to work for, and even become executives of, the top companies worldwide.

2. Stanford University School of Engineering (Palo Alto, CA)

Stanford – photo by Jrissman via Wikimedia Commons

Stanford’s academia, experience, and atmosphere is unparalleled in the world of college engineering.

Because of its presence in Silicon Valley, Stanford Engineers have access to many of the world’s greatest companies for internship and employment after graduation; they include Google, Facebook, SpaceX, and countless more.

Stanford itself is at the forefront of technology and engineering; a recent publication on the Stanford website showcases a faculty interview with James Landay about the “human-computer” interaction.

When we put together this list, we aggregated eight top-10 lists that have been read online by millions of viewers. Stanford placed in nearly every list, making it a unanimous choice as a top engineering school in the country.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Engineering (Cambridge, MA)

photo by Raul654 via Wikimedia Commons

The largest school within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the School of Engineering is among the most impressive institutions of any kind in the world.

Boasting 130,000 square feet of what the school calls “maker spaces,” the school is at the forefront of excellence in everyday student life as well as groundbreaking research.

One of the flagship programs at the school includes the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, known around the school as UROP. An impressive 90% of the students participate in this program, in which students partake in experiential learning opportunities in direct collaboration with the school’s faculty. This allows for a deeply personalized learning experience not available to students at every engineering school.

As one of the most famous and prestigious schools, it also among the most selective. For the fall of 2018, just 6.7% of applicants were admitted into the school.

This list is represents a “weighted average” of 8 other lists online about the top engineering schools in the country.

You can read our methodology to find out more about how we make these rankings.

Here are the lists themselves, sourced in August 2019. Any updates to these lists since that time was not accounted for when making this ranking.


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