Discover the 10 Best Colleges for Engineering

8. Harvard University John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Cambridge, MA)

Harvard – photo by Daderot via Wikimedia Commons

Harvard’s list of highly-accomplished engineering alumni are among the greatest of any school. Here is a partial list of the school’s most famous graduates.

With nearly $1bn endowed for the Engineering School alone, Harvard is home to one of the most selective programs in the country. The engineering school is named after investor John Paulson, who donated a staggering $400m to the program four years ago.

A graduate-degree granting program only, Harvard only accepts admission for Master’s and Doctoral degree engineering programs.

7. Purdue University College of Engineering (West Lafayette, IN)

photo by Jainrajat11 via Wikimedia Commons

Purdue’s excellence in engineering is best demonstrated by its impressive track record.

No less than twenty-four of America’s astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, attended Purdue University’s engineering program. US News consistently ranks Purdue in its top 10 engineering schools in the country.

Faculty in the program are at the forefront of innovation. Here is an article from Medium published by Purdue’s Engineering program about how the school is developing solar power technologies to benefit agriculture.

Purdue has another unique distinction; it was the first school to have a specific Women In Engineering Program (WIEP). The aim of this program is to inspire engineering trends in women and young girls in a field that has been predominantly male. The program has been in place for 50 years and has been a major career development hub for aspiring female engineers.

6. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign College of Engineering (Urbana, IL)

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the most cited engineering school in the world, meaning that more official papers have cited the research at UIUC than at a­ny other school.

Founders of the some of the biggest companies in the world have studied at this prestigious school, including Oracle, Tesla, PayPal, Mozilla, and even YouTube.

One of the unique facilities at this school is the Grainger Engineering Library, known as the largest library in the world dedicated solely to volumes and texts in engineering.

The faculty at the school are among the most noted engineers in the world. 34 current faculty are members of the National Academy of Engineering, the renowned non-profit in which new members are elected based on their scientific contributions.

The school spends over $200,000,000.00 annually on research and development, placing it in the top 5% of all colleges in the nation.

The school places a large emphasis on interdisciplinary research, with some of their research centers diving into advanced fields such as supercomputing, genomic biology, and even technology entrepreneurship.

Every year, over 100 companies participate in the school’s “Employment Expo” in which students of the school have the opportunity to interview for internships and jobs with the top STEM organizations in the world.

HONORABLE MENTION Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla, MO)

Perhaps the most hidden-gem program on this competitive list of top engineering colleges, Missouri University of Science and Technology is well-known for its approach to experiential learning.

Popular Science magazine named dubbed the school as having one of the best college labs in the country, citing the amazing “experimental mine” lab that teaches students how to implode buildings, run pyrotechnics, and create fireworks displays.

One hallmark of the school is in its creative engineering projects, for which it is world-renowned. One of the highest achievements the student body has produced is the solar powered car, a car outfitted with solar panels making it run completely on renewable solar energy.

With this invention, the school competes in the American Solar Challenge, regularly placing in the highest ranks of this week-long competition of solar cars.

The school is also home to a partnership with top companies such as Apple, Cisco, and IBM. The established partnership is known as Missouri S&T Electromagnetic Compatibility Consortium, a program in which companies such as the aforementioned fund important work in electromagnetic compatibility.

What we like about this school is that it does not involve itself solely in hours of theoretical research – rather, this program is all about giving hands experiential, hands-on learning for a future designed around innovative science and technology.

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