The 10 Best Public Relations Schools in the US

6. California Baptist University (Riverside, CA)

According to, CBU ranks top 5 in the country for the best college campus and best food.

CBU is also home to a stellar PR program, which trains students in all aspects of communication. They learn the written, verbal, and visual components of persuasion through real work with nonprofit organizations, corporations, government, and media organizations.

Students who major in PR choose a concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication, International Public Relations, Media Relations and Writing, New Media, or Strategic Communication and Planning. Alternatively, the Public Relations minor offers a condensed course of study in the field.

Like many religious colleges, CBU emphasizes service-oriented learning in every field of study, including PR.

Prominent alumni include California State assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and Switchfoot guitarist Drew Shirley.

5. University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)

University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communications
Linzl, Wallis Annenberg Hall, CC BY-SA 4.0

The USC Annenberg School of Communications prepares PR students to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Both undergraduate and graduate programs for public relations are top-ranked nationally and internationally. This is in large part thanks to its world-class faculty, which is made up of professionals with firsthand PR experience.

Fred Cook chairs the PR firm Golin, where he worked with high-profile people like Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs. Cook also managed Nintendo, Toyota, and Disney. Today, he also serves as the director of the USC Center for Public Relations.

Jennifer Floto practiced PR with big-name clients like Acura, Mattel, and Xerox. She continues to consult along with her teaching duties, which won her the 2006 “Professor of the Year” award and 2012 Mellon Mentoring Award.

4. Penn State University (State College, PA)

Penn State University
Stilfehler, Penn State University Huck Institute of the Life Sciences 6, CC BY-SA 4.0

At Penn State in University Park, students learn the theories and practices underpinning the dynamic field of public relations.

Combining persuasive storytelling with principles from business, behavioral sciences, and applied statistics, students graduate being able to hit the ground running. They are prepared for the competitive, technological, and multicultural environment of a PR role.

Minors are available in related fields such as Media Studies and Digital Media Trends & Analytics. Those who major in PR often minor in English, foreign language, business, psychology, or sociology in order to supplement their understanding of human relationships.

Notable alumni include Jayne Jamison, senior vice president and publisher of O, the Oprah Magazine. Alumni and faculty Bjorn Trowery works as the Consumer Communications Manager at Facebook.

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