Here Are the 10 Best Optometry Schools in the US

6. Ohio State University College of Optometry (Columbus, OH

Ohio State University
Robert Chriss, Ohio Union Front, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Ohio State University has a reputation as one of the country’s best state schools, so it’s no surprise that their College of Optometry garners respect in the field. The college’s faculty includes innovators in optical technologies, contributors to the nation’s top medical journals, and ranking members of the most important faculty organizations. Students and faculty receive further support in the form of major awards, including the Prentice Medal Award for distinguished scientists and the Low Vision Educational Grant

Despite this focus on research, OSU’s College of Optometry does not forget its students, securing a pass rate of 96.83%. Current students praise the program for its state-of-the-art resources and supportive faculty, an impressive feat in a school that admits 64 students a year. These statistics show that the school successfully pursues its goals to educate excellent optometrists and perform innovative research. 

5. SUNY College of Optometry (New York, NY)

SUNY College of Optometry
Ajay Suresh, SUNY State College of Optometry, CC BY 2.0

SUNY only accepts 23% of the students who apply to their College of Optometry, making it one of the most exclusive on this list. The school has high expectations for its incoming class, demanding an average 3.5 GPA and an average OAT score of 345. But almost everyone who makes it into the program also makes it through the program, giving the school a pass rate of 96.84%. Students within the program are supported by $4 million in annual funding for research programs

Over its 50-year history, SUNY’s College of Optometry has graduated some remarkable doctors, but its recent alumni include the 2019 American Optometric Association (AOA) Optometrist of the Year and the winner of the 2019 Johnson & Johnson Vision Award of Excellence in Contact Lens Patient Care. 

4. Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry (Davie, FL)

Nova Southeastern University
Dgreco, Horowitz Front at NSU, CC BY-SA 3.0

Students at the College of Optometry at Nova Southeastern University split their time between two years of science instruction and two years of clinical studies. But no matter what section of studies they are in, students enjoy unprecedented support from the school, from funding for international mission trips to advanced technology for all attendees. Furthermore, the school boasts faculty that includes fellows in the American Academy of Optometry and leaders in the field of ocular testing. 

Most importantly for this list, NSU’s College of Optometry has an excellent 97.62% pass rate. Those numbers show that the school takes its mission statement seriously, working to “prepare, educate and train optometric physicians to practice at the highest level of proficiency, integrity, and professionalism.” With class sizes of 94 students per year, Nova is equipping the southeast with an impressive group of optometrists. 

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