Here Are the 10 Best Dental Schools in the US

6. Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health at A.T Still University (Kirksville, MO)

A.T. Still University
Johndheathcote, ATSU SOMA Entrance, CC BY-SA 3.0

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Missouri suffers from a striking shortage of dental healthcare professionals. The Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health (MSDOH) is doing something about that problem by training highly qualified dentists and dispatching them throughout the state. The school prides itself in its charitable works, such as its initiative to donate supplies to local children’s programs

As an “innovative and socially responsible institution,” MSDOH limits itself to a 3.3% rate but takes active steps to recruit students from underrepresented populations. Students in the program celebrate the school’s mix of first-class learning and social service, as shown in testimonies from student ambassadors. When combined with the school’s commitment to student research, MSDOH proves itself to be an excellent choice for those who study dentistry to serve others. 

5. University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine (Farmington, CT)

With an acceptance rate of only 3.3%, you might think that the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine (UCSDM) is a relatively small program. But a better metric of their influence would be the fact that nearly 50% of the dentists practicing in the state of Connecticut graduated from UCSDM. These numbers speak not to the school’s size, but the quality of its education. With a student to faculty ratio of 3:1, UCSDM provides hands-on instruction to its students, thoroughly preparing them for their future careers. 

In pursuit of their goal to be both a training ground for future dentists and a technical innovator, UCSDM spends over $10 million in research funding each year. Students participate in these goals by working in the Dental Center Research Center, where they can serve the community while honing their craft. 

4. LECOM School of Dental Medicine (Bradenton, FL)

Situated in Erie, Pennsylvania, the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine is the largest medical school in the U.S., enrolling over 2,200 students. The School of Dental Medicine focuses on problem-based learning, with students learning their trade in one of the school’s outreach offices. The school combines this practical approach with support for research and participation in research competitions

Although LECOM’s School of Dental Medicine prides itself on offering excellent training at an affordable cost, its 3.1% acceptance rate shows that it is an exclusive school. The average GPA of LECOM students is 3.2 or higher, and they have an average DAT score of 18 or higher. But even more than grades, LECOM prioritizes hands-on experience and recommends that applicants spend 100 hours shadowing professionals in a clinical setting

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