The 10 Best Colleges for Zoology

3. Ohio University (Athens, OH)

Ohio University
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Ohio University in Athens offers four zoology and animal degree programs that provide students with a variety of options. Graduates from the Wildlife and Conservation major meet the necessary course qualifications for state and federal civil service registers as a zoologist. In addition, the programs in the Biological Sciences department provide training for graduate school.

The quality education and accomplished professors draw in many prospective zoologists to Ohio University. In 2019, 179 students graduated with Zoology or Animal Biology degrees.

In addition, students can learn more about their area of study through student organizations in the Biological Sciences department. These include pre-veterinary clubs, research organizations, and honor societies. The Wildlife Club is dedicated to exposing its members to the native animals of Ohio. They participate in many activities such as hiking, camping, conservation work, and animal viewing. The club also plans events for the department, such as wildlife presentations.

2. Berry College (Mount Berry, GA)

Berry College
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The zoology program at Berry College is celebrated for its hands-on learning, small classes, research facilities, and graduate success. The campus’s 27,000 acres are home to a wide variety of ecosystems and a working farm with livestock and equine centers.

In addition, the faculty members are devoted members and accomplished teachers. They are experts in physiology, genetics, animal behavior, and many more interesting subjects. For example, Dr. Sunday Peters is a specialist in livestock genetics and a breeder of a patented strain of chickens. He mentors many zoology students, writes scholarly articles, and contributed to a chapter in the book “Livestock Epigenetics.”

Students are able to translate classroom knowledge to real-world work experiences through the LifeWorks program. This is a paid professional experience that helps students prepare for the future through experiential learning. Zoology students find jobs in preventative medicine, animal husbandry, veterinary clinics, and managing livestock.

1. University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)

University of Oklahoma
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The University of Oklahoma is the #1 most popular zoology college based on enrollment. The school handed out 193 degrees in 2018, an increase of 5% from the previous year. In addition, zoology students earn 5.2% more than the average graduate, making it a good investment.

The popularity of the program has opened up a wealth of opportunities for students in the department. They are encouraged to pursue their own research interests, whether it is in evolution, animal behavior, or cell biology. Faculty will work with students to help them publish their work or present at national and even international conferences.

There are also numerous clubs and programs to help zoology students succeed and make connections within their major. The Biology Aid Program connects upperclassmen tutors with younger students in Introductory Zoology, a mutually beneficial relationship. 

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