The 10 Best Automotive Engineering Schools in the US

6. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (Carbondale, IL)

SIU Carbondale
Devout1145, SIU Engineering Building, CC BY-SA 4.0

The automotive engineering program at SIUC is recognized nationally for its prominence in the industry. The Automotive Technology department is committed to creating a diverse culture that enables participants to realize their full potential. Thanks to manufacturers, endowments, and other community members, thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded to students in the program each year.

Students in the program have access to a state-of-the-art Transportation Education Center. Bringing together the automotive and aviation degree programs, engineers have access to a nearly 200,000 square feet student-oriented educational facility. The building is home to classrooms, libraries, labs, and a computer center.

Automotive engineering students have access to a variety of organizations to explore their interests. The Automotive Technology Organization, Society of Automotive Engineers, Automotive Ambassadors, and Women of Automotive Technology Transportation groups allow students to expand their network. In addition, SIUC hosts industry information sessions throughout the school year.

5. Clemson University (Clemson, SC)

Clemson University
Chris Pruitt, CU Sikes Hall, CC BY-SA 3.0

Clemson is home to more than 200 advanced degree candidates who are passionate about learning and automobiles. The school is recognized for their research in a number of subjects including advanced vehicle propulsion systems, advanced manufacturing and materials, connected and automated vehicles, and human factors.

With its emphasis on industry relevance, the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research is constantly innovating in the field. Its vision is to be the premier automotive research, innovation, and educational center in the world. In addition, the facility contributes to the community’s employment, with 770 high-value jobs created.

Clemson’s automotive engineering community collaborates with Ernst & Young LLP to advance autonomous vehicle technology for future generations. By working with other schools to advance driverless technology, Clemson is inspiring future innovation in the field. Students can contribute to the project by developing high-speed, self-driving race cars as part of their graduate studies.

4. Minnesota State University Mankato (Mankato, MN)

Vehicle enthusiasts have been studying Automotive Engineering Technology at Minnesota State Mankato for over 30 years. Students study a wide range of subjects including performance testing, automotive thermodynamics, materials, and industrial safety. In addition, undergraduates earn a minor in Manufacturing Engineering Technology to broaden their skillset.

In the Senior Design Project, automotive engineering students work together over the course of the semester to complete a formal design project. Their work is shared with the rest of their peers through presentations and research papers at the end of the class.

As a result of their hands-on experience and engineering knowledge, Minnesota State graduates go on to innovate in industry and academia. Over the past five years, 90-100% of automotive engineers are employed or continuing education within one year of graduation. Alumni are making significant strides throughout Minnesota and worldwide in testing, engine diagnostics, process improvement, field service, and research.

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