Alumni Interview Tips, Questions, and Thank You Follow-Up

During the Follow-Up, Tell the Alum It Is Your Top-Choice School (If You Really Want to Go)

After the alumni interview, you should definitely follow up with whoever you met with.

Remember that alumni probably meet with a couple students each year; no one is an alumni interviewer full-time.

That said, you want this person to think of you as someone who has stood out in the interview.

To that end, you should follow up via email.

The email should simply say thank you for your time, recount a couple points you liked about your particular meeting, and end with a strong affirmation that the school you are interviewing for is your top-choice school.

I’ll say that again.

In the follow-up, tell the alum it is your top choice program.

This is an important maneuver, as this will be relayed back to the school.

Not many know this, but schools prefer to provide acceptance letters to students that have indicated their school is their top choice program.

No school wants to feel like the #2 option.

So, if you would like to attend a school, this is one of our premium recommendations.

Keep In Touch

While I don’t recommend messaging the alum on a weekly or even monthly basis, checking in every few months during the process can be helpful.

Alumni selected to interview applicants have a special relationship with the schools they represent.

These alumni are selected because they are respected individuals who have become model alumni for prospective students to follow.

As such, they maintain a close connection with administration, staff, and faculty at a school.

Although alumni interviews are not the most important part of admissions, they can be important, and you should take the interviewer very seriously.

By keeping in touch and fostering a relationship with the alum, you can, quite possibly, find your way into a top-choice school.


Have you gone through an alumni interview?

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