15 Amazing Facts About America’s Most Famous College Town

10. Many of the World’s Most Recognized Companies Have Offices in Ann Arbor

A division of Google is based in Ann Arbor. 

Car and Driver Magazine – the “tell it how it is” publication & website all about reviewing the latest in automobiles – is also based in Ann Arbor.

Ever had Domino’s Pizza? Yeap – based in Ann Arbor.

The former largest competitor to Barnes & Noble, Borders, was also based in Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor, in its own right, has become an entrepreneurial center of the country; hundreds of successful tech startups have been formed in Ann Arbor in the last decade, often by alumni of the University of Michigan.

9. The Fragel Was Invented In Ann Arbor

The fragel is a fried bagel with lots of cinnamon and sugar, essentially a cross between a donut and a bagel.

It started as just as a raisin bagel, but then after some significant evolution, the inventor fried it and it turned into a new food. 

The fragel has been a staple of Ann Arbor cuisine since the 1970s. That it is rarely seen outside of Michigan makes it a favorite for the local city dweller who wants a taste of something purely Ann Arbor.

8. Forbes Repeatedly Calls It America’s Best College Town

photo of Ann Arbor via Wikimedia Commons

Forbes repeatedly names Ann Arbor America’s best college town – and it is easy to see why.

Some of the midwest’s best music establishments, nature, arts festivals, and more are in Ann Arbor.

The cultural options are endless – the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan football, concerts at Hill Auditorium…

Don’t forget about Zingerman’s, the city’s beloved Kerrytown-based deli.

7. Home to the World’s 2nd-Biggest Football Stadium

photo by AndrewHorne via Wikimedia Commons

We all know how amazing Ann Arbor’s The Big House is.

However, did you know it is the world’s 2nd-largest stadium in any sport? 

With a max capacity of nearly 110,000, no stadium in the United States is larger than the Michigan Stadium, home to Wolverines football.

Every home game since late 1975, according to Wikipedia, has had an attendance of at least 100,000 people

6. Speaking of Football, The Wolverines Are the Winningest in the History of College Football

That’s right, the Wolverines have collected over 960 wins in the lifetime of their football program.

That’s more than any other college football team, including Alabama, Texas, and Ohio State.

It seems fitting the biggest stadium in America goes to the winningest football team in history, doesn’t it?

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